Bilt Techno Bluetooth Adventure Helmet
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Thread: Bilt Techno Bluetooth Adventure Helmet

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    Bilt Techno Bluetooth Adventure Helmet

    Since starting this whole dual sport experience, I wanted to buy decent gear, but remain budget conscious. Unfortunately, I also have zero directional sense, so I liked the idea of having a Bluetooth enabled helmet that would allow me to hear the directions from my phone GPS service. Luckily there is a Cycle Gear dealer near me that seemed to have the answer: the Bilt Techno Bluetooth Adventure Helmet

    The Good
    This helmet is well made, and packed with features. It has a drop-down sun visor, regular clear shield that can be raised to allow regular goggles to be worn too, removable peak, and integrated Bluetooth system. Not bad for a sub $200 price tag!

    As a bonus, the Bluetooth system is easy to charge, simple to use, and according to my mother, has great sound quality when I answer the phone on the road.
    20170418_162937_resized.jpg 20170418_162949_resized.jpg 20170418_163002_resized.jpg 20170418_163107_resized.jpg

    The Bad
    While Mom may be able to hear me clearly with little to no wind noise, the speakers aren't the best quality. The maximum volume is relatively low - good for preventing hearing damage, but bad for folks with tonal deafness. Since I also ride with earplugs to block out the relatively loud ambient road and wind noise, it makes the sound even more muffled. That being said, though, it is good enough to listen to music and the GPS instructions.

    Be careful, though. The Bluetooth must be actively connected to your GPS or will miss the first part of the broadcast instructions. I mean "actively" connected in that it must be receiving a message (music) constantly. For example, without music playing in the background, instructions to, "Turn right at George St" will only pick up, " George St", leaving you to hope you can see your phone screen in the sun.

    The Ugly
    The thing that keeps me from wearing this helmet more often, however, is the weight. At a few ounces shy of 4 pounds, this helmet damn heavy! Add to that the way the wind catches it at every chance, it makes my neck ache after an hour of riding. Part of this buffeting issue is because of the way the foam padding sits. Super tight at the neck and cheeks, it's difficult to put on at first. But once it's on my head, the foam around the main part of the helmet is almost too loose - even for my XS head!

    Would I recommend this to others? Eh, not really sure. I like the helmet. It's packed full of great features. But the damn thing is just so heavy! Maybe, if you have a weight-lifter's neck muscles, this wouldn't be an issue. But for me, it's a problem. I like riding for hours. That's difficult to do when the weight of your gear gives you a headache.
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    Thanks for another great write up.
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    I've had good luck with these with regard to talking to buddies I'm riding with:

    I haven't used them to listen to music or talk on the phone though.
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    I have the same helmet without the Bluetooth. XL

    It is the helmet I use when offroad, and is kept at one of the the remote garages in case I need to take something for a ride while there. There is a full compliment of riding gear, as well.

    Your assessment is spot on as usual.

    However, the helmet padding will break in after a few rides and may get better for you. As to the weight... I don't even notice it. And as it is my offroad helmet, I don't notice the wind issue.

    Not being a big fan of full face helmets, (I prefer modular) this one fits well, goes on and comes off well, has good visibility, and doesn't give me claustrophobia like other full face helmets.

    I've had other Bilt helmets with their Bluetooth system. You are spot on about the speaker quality and volume level. Try raising the volume of the gps or phone directly and you may get some more out of the BT system. Just had that issue with my new Sena 10U in my Shoei Neotec.
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    Nice review LuvNot!!
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