Cheap Helmet Showdown - BONUS ROUND!
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Thread: Cheap Helmet Showdown - BONUS ROUND!

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    Cheap Helmet Showdown - BONUS ROUND!

    LS2 MX453
    After hearing from so many other people that love their LS2 helmet, one came along on sale, so I just had to try it.

    Let’s review the points for this helmet:

    • Cheap - (score 1 of 2)
      Bought this on sale for $115. If it fit as well as expected, that would be a bargain because it's a very well made helmet.
    • Light Weight - (score 1 of 2)
      The shell may have been a standard 3.8lbs, but due to the size and shape, it felt heavier.
    • Comfort - (score 3 of 8)
      • Airflow (1) - With a huge beak out front, airflow shouldn't be a problem. Venting was adequate, but nothing exciting.
      • Proper Fit (1) - There was a love-hate relationship with the padding in this lid. The one place everyone else failed - the crown of my head - fit perfectly. But the cheek pads! OMG I felt like a kid getting squished into a fishy face pucker every time I put the helmet on. And the fabric was insanely scratchy. If you're a guy with whiskers, you probably wouldn't notice, but it was very irritating.
      • Materials (1) - I'm going to give this a 1 because even though the shell is fantastic and the general build outstanding, the padding fabric was super scratchy and irritating.
      • Aerodynamic (0) - Not sure if it was the odd elongated shape or the peak, but the LS2 MX453 wanted to catch the wind in an odd way.
    • Comm Ready - (score 1 of 2)
      There was plenty of room for speakers and a rediculous amount of space for the microphone. However, the way the pads squished my cheeks into a fishy face pucker, I doubt anyone would understand what I was saying.
    • Sunblocker - (score 1 of 4)
      • The Peak (1) - The peak is nicely made, but after the Zox, I'm spoiled for having one that actually blocks the sun. The visor does come down just enough to do in a pinch, so one point at least.
      • Interior Drop-Down Sun Shade (0) - The newer Pioneer MX436 has a drop-down visor, but this one does not.
    • Shell Size - (score 1 of 2)
      While the company currently makes 3 shell sizes, I feel this older model probably only had 2 because the shell of this XS was freaking HUGE. There was a solid 2" of foam between me and the shell. Great for protection, not so much to prevent the bobble-head effect.
    • Accessories - (score .1)
      The only things available for this helmet are replacement pads (.1), and a silver shield. I would give a point for the shield, but it really doesn't fit this helmet like the OEM clear shield does.

    My final score for the LS2 MX453 = 8 out of 20 with .1 bonus point.

    Final Thoughts
    This really should have been a better helmet. Unfortunately, there were enough little things wrong to make it score worse than expected. Of course, this was a discontinued model, so the newer versions would probably be better. But although the lid I received looked great and made an initial good impression with how comfortable the padding was around the top of my head, that just wasn't enough to make me want to keep this one.

    Overall, I think the perfect helmet would be one that combined the material, parts options and general fit of the Zox with the crown padding and slightly less exaggerated shape of the LS2. Zox only needed better padding in the crown, and the LS2 needed a smaller shell, softer materials, and more parts options.

    I'll keep looking. The right helmet for me is out there. Just not at this price point

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    Just so everyone knows, the LS2 cheeks bads do break in nicely and they are available in different sizes. Your complaint is common LuvNot! I still like my GMax11d too. As with most things, personal prefence and with helmets, shape of helmet, are very individual. Great write ups for others to use as a filtering mechanism!
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    I think the LS2 is Snell and ECE rated too, which is a nice bonus.
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    1998 DR350r
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    I bought a GMAX M54 I think is the model. It is of the Modular type where the front face lifts completely up and out. This feature is worth it's weight in gold for those who wear eye glasses or who like to talk while at short stops. No need to remove you eye wear to remove the helmet and I have destroyed far too many pairs of expensive glasses from falling off the bike seat while taking my helmet on or off. My GMax came a bit tight in the cheek pads but fit well everywhere else so I ordered thinner sets of removable cheek pads and got a perfect fit. I also ordered additional face screens for when the original one gets scratched up which they always do. All in all this is the best and most comfortable helmet I have ever owned with plenty of vents plus the open air flow if on a trail and the front face is lifted. It has a built in sun visor that flips down easily right over my eye glasses. The only test I have not done so far and hope I never do is the crash survival one. Wind noise while driving fast is rather well suppressed also.

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    Good to know.

    I will watch this thread.
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