Dynojet kit# 17-4040 - DG "O" series pipe WOW
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Thread: Dynojet kit# 17-4040 - DG "O" series pipe WOW

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    Dynojet kit# 17-4040 - DG "O" series pipe WOW

    I have been cooped up to long this winter and amassed a big pile of upgrades for my 2012 TW. After finally getting out of home improvement hell I got some quality time with the dub this weekend.

    First up was a Dynojet carb kit# 17-4040. I installed the kit per the provided specs for a bike with a free flowing aftermarket pipe and 700ft above sea level. This equated to a 130 main jet (provided in the kit) and the new needle and shim. It also required drilling out the slide lift hole next to the needle using the #39 drill bit also provided in the kit. Mixture screw set at 2 full turns out from seated.

    Next up was a stainless steel head pipe from a TTR 225 I sourced from Ebay and a DG "O" series muffler with the 1 inch quiet exhaust insert. Everything bolted up no issues. I found the DG pipe to be a perfect fit.

    Set valve lash at .003 intake and .005 exhaust.

    The bike fired right up and idled well with the recommended settings from Dynojet. As soon as I pulled out of the garage I could feel the difference in the bike. The pull from start in first gear was stronger then before and the torque increase was very noticeable. Accelerating through the first 3 gears was awesome. I can not believe how these two things have woken up this bike. It pulls so much harder now. It really is a feel it in the seat of your pants difference. The bike runs great, no further adjustments needed. No more droning acceleration, just a hard steady pull.

    I am so happy with the kit and the pipe. Have not taken it up to Highway speeds yet as its only 38 degrees out right now but will report on that soon. I will be switching to a 14-45 sprocket set up soon. I was a little concerned the bike would not pull the 45 well before. With the improved torque and throttle response I have now I think the bike will handle it no problem.

    Happy as a pig in slop today
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    i am at pretty much the same altitude and did similar mods FMF pipe TTR header i shimmed the needle with 5 shims 128 jet and 2 turns out it runs amazing i was thinking about doing a uni filter and trying the 130 jet to see how it runs. i am glad others are able to notice the difference it makes .. not that we think we are going to turn a TW int a 690 enduro R but it really does wake the bike up and eliminated the surging
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    Nice report! I think your number 17-4040 might be a Dennis Kirk number? I think the Dynojet number is 4191.

    Yeah the 4191 is the Dynojet part. Don't try to look our bike up on their site, because it doesn't come up...the Dynojet guy even had a rough time looking up the part number, but it IS still being made and they DO have it.
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    Hello, newbie here. To the bike ( I pick up my first TW day after tomorrow, can't wait! ), and the forum. The TTR 225 header you mentioned you used with the DG slip-on, any specific year? The mods you mentioned will be some of the first things I do to it. After years of Motocross, it's time for my son and I to enjoy things at a much slower, stress free pace. Getiing a couple of these little bikes to enjoy ourselves on some back-road weekend trips. Another question, much difference between the DG and FMF? Not looking to win a drag race, just wanna free up some lung capacity on these little guys with some easy, sensible mods to not make them work so hard. Thanks, I'm certain you'll be hearing from us again!
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    Welcome. These are fun bikes and you will have a good time.
    1993 TW200 just over 46,000 miles

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken View Post
    Welcome. These are fun bikes and you will have a good time.
    Thanks! Looking forward to it. The bikes I stumbled onto are used, but I've never seen two bikes so unused in my life. Belonged to a retired couple that were professional campers, and they literally putted around various campgrounds throughout the country, never going down so much as a trail. One has a tick over 1100 miles, the other just under 700, not bad being over a decade old! I figured I would just take all the moving goodies apart and grease/replace whatever is needed, and do some very subtle mods to them for comfort, looks, reliability, etc....

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