No hassles hand guards
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Thread: No hassles hand guards

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    No hassles hand guards

    Ok, so I went the $20 Chinese Ebay hand guards. Yea...they suck and fit for crap. Lesson learned. Looking for a QUALITY set of guards that bolt up - no hassles to my stock Tdub bars.

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    See similar threads down at the bottom. Acerbis work and Tusk.
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    The Tusk D-flex are a really good value for the $. I just installed 2 pair on my TWins on the stock bars.
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    I went with Tusk D-Flex after many on here have suggested and they have been great now for over a year.
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    There are no such thing as no hassle hand guards. For me,something always had to be tweaked. I've never had a set jump right on
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    D-Flex on my bikes.
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    I have the Trackside handguards from cyclegear. Normally like $100 but are almost always on sale for under $50. If you decide you might like them and they are not on sale just wait a week or so and they probably will be. Mine were not even on sale the day I bought them but were the last time I went in and I mentioned it and they gave them to me for $49.
    Went on pretty easy, Lots of adjustability. Though I seem to remember having to make shims for the ends where it goes into the bars... Maybe that was the Zetas on the last bike?.... Crap I forget. Only real downside for those that might like to color match to their bike is you can have them in any color you want as long as it is black.
    Maxpower is right though, almost always some modding required to the guards to make them fit. Some more than others.
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    any alterations needed?

    Quote Originally Posted by scotti158 View Post
    D-Flex on my bikes.
    did you have to cut the throttle tube back to fit the D-Flex hand guard??
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    D-Flex as mentioned best bet for the buck. And very much field tested. I bought mine on recommendation from this site and very glad I did. Easy install on the stock bars.
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