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Thread: Boots

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    Junior Member onthelake's Avatar
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    Aug 2018


    Looking for recommendations on an affordable but decent boots - just do woods roads.. light to intermediate stuff.
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    Senior Member Xracer's Avatar
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    Lake Placid,Florida
    I bought a set of MSR boots from Iron Pony. So far their holding up well and often times on sale for around $100.00
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    Timbercreek Canyon, Texas
    Anything that says MSR on it will be top shelf!
    MSR is what used to be Malcomb Smith Racing.
    He was always personally involved in design & testing of his company's products.
    He may be retired now, not sure.
    A genuinely nice, great guy and one of the very top all-around motorcycle racers, ever!

    By the way, onthelake...welcome to the formum.
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    "The less horsepower a motorcycle has, the more it can teach you.” - Ben Bostrom

    And though a mountain may rise up and smack the livin' shit outta me,
    and wad up my bike somethin' awful...
    Still, I rise!
    (With apologies to Maya Angelou)

    "Give a Damn"
    - C. M. Howe, Jr.

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    Senior Member RaZed1's Avatar
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    Oct 2015
    For light woods riding you don't need a full height boot, I'd get a shorty style which are generally 6"-8" or so (about the same as a typical work boot)

    I really like my Icon Patrol boots (they're now the Patrol 2, similar but with the boa wire lacing system, mine have traditional buckles).

    Malcom Smith Racing used to be really top shelf stuff, at some point it was bought out by Tucker Rocky, who also owned Answer. MSR was aimed at the off road/enduro and Answer was aimed at MX. I guess they decided MSR was redundant and seems to have discontinued their gear line for 2018(all that's left are a smattering of closeouts on most websites), Answer now offers an enduro line of gear in addition to the MX, so it's clearly replaced MSR. The MSR hard parts/accessories brand is still going though.

    I seem to remember hearing something that Rocky Mountain ATV bought the MSR brand, so it might resurface in the future. I wouldn't be surprised if the old MSR designs get rebranded under the Tusk house brand.
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    Aug 2018


    I have been wearing these Alpine Stars, Belise Drystar low rise boots for a couple months and like them a lot.
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    Senior Member reddave's Avatar
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    May 2018
    South Park, CO
    I really like the Forma Adventure boots Wingnut posted on this forum! I ride Forest Service roads mostly, and they are great for hoping off the bike and taking a quick walk to have a look around. See here -

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    Senior Member bartruff's Avatar
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    Wenatchee Wa.
    I just wear my regular hiking boots...6"Red Wings …… I don't put any exceptional stress on boots and have had no trouble in more than 60 years of trail riding from very difficult and racing to what I do now at 79.....just poking along logging roads and easy trails.....

    Back in the the late 60's.... I had a opportunity to ride with Malcomb in the Mattawa 100...and competed with Jim Pomeroy in hill climbs and motocross events....all with just store bought hiking boots... no problem....
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