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Thread: Iclever 400/800 booster pack

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    Iclever 400/800 booster pack

    I was looking at booster packs earlier in the week, as my battery on the old 2 litre petrol Accord had died. Did some research and decided to go for the Iclever (advertised as) 800A peak 20000mAh. The advantage of this particular pack, apart from the usual USB outlets, is the inclusion of a 12vDC output, meaning it can power a number of additional items likely to be found in the garage or car

    There are smaller cheaper jump packs on the market, but they are let down (mostly) by less power, and the need to be re-charged regularly to be available for use – some of them requiring charging up every two months. The Iclever, by comparison, will hold 98% of its capacity for an entire year

    The ability to start a car engine depends largely on how discharged it is at the time, and the state of the battery overall. In the case of my Accord, it was almost three years old and pretty much dead on its feet. Week dash lights when inserting the key, then everything dies when turning the key. Attaching the unit is a bit tight, as the jumper leads, although robust, are fairly short to preserve power transfer. It’s OK for a car battery, but you might struggle a bit with a truck

    Attaching the leads switches on the unit, with polarity warnings by a series of lights and sounds. The unit told me that “400 ‘aint gonna do this one mate, you need to activate the booster for the full 800 here”, so I hit the boost button. At this point, you can chuck the instruction book out of the window, as it all goes a bit “off plot” at this stage. Not entirely sure of what was going on, I opted to “go for it” anyway, and turned the key. The car started up first time, although the crank speed seemed slow. Figure I need of bit of practice with that boost button – in all probability I should have waited a bit longer – the reality being that I hit the key early, and only used 400. Still, the fact that even on 400 it started the car was impressive

    Re-charging the unit from “low” only takes 4 hours, and it only took 90 mins to get to full capacity out of the box (it comes 65% charged). After starting the car, a mere 10 mins saw it completely charged again

    The unit is about an inch and a half deep, and otherwise the size of a house brick, more suited to sticking under a car seat than your pocket perhaps. But size equals spower, and that’s where this booster is aimed. It’s primarily a jump pack first and foremost, the fact that it can re-charge or otherwise power all sorts of tech stuff comes as a bonus. You can view the full details in the link below ….


    There’s a rumour that Iclever are discontinuing this unit, and introducing a (slightly) more powerful one, so there are likely bargains to be had in the transition. The newer unit has upped the output from 400/800 to 500/1300, and while the 500 is perfectly believable in the newer unit, the claim of 1300 may stress the newer ones – I feel happier with the 400/800 somehow – it also seems to have lost the PD 30W quick charge, though the page doesn’t make it entirely clear


    Nevertheless, these are well made units, “rubberised” (though not waterproof), and come cased up for protect them in storage. 80 dollars to you (for both this unit and the newer one, which is a pleasant surprise). There are claims of being able to start a V8 to a “large diesel vehicle”, but as I mentioned earlier, this depends on the charge state of the depleted battery –but if the starter relay is clicking, I’m inclined to believe them (my old car battery was beyond that point). On-line support is reputed to be excellent via the site, which again, you don’t always get with other products

    All in all, a very useful piece of kit …….
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    Take the amperage ratings with a grain of sand. As with most of these Chinese products, the claims are often massively exaggerated.

    For evidence, look at the wires to the clamps. They don't specify, but from photos they look to be maybe 8ga at most. Not terribly thick. If something actually pulled 1300A through those they're become a lightbulb filament in a split second.

    There's a few Youtubers that have tested these, and quite often found the circuitry cuts off at small fractions at the rated load. When the safety feature is deliberately disabled, they only provide a burst of a couple hundred amps before the battery turns into a balloon and is instantly destroyed.

    Not saying these don't work- I've used them and they can be helpful for a quick boost, but basing your choice just on more=better is not the way you want to go. Otherwise you'll end up with 3,000,000 maH cell phone batteries and 100,000 lumen headlights if advertising claims are to be believed.

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    I researched Lithium jump packs to death before settling on this one. I found that many come with jump leads out of a Christmas cracker, others that perform way below the advertised level, and as you say, some that eject the warp core the first time you use them

    I read one review that suggests that the stated 800 is more like 750, but that could be down to the individual unit tested. In any event, it’s not as wide of the mark of many others, and there is no apparent heating of the unit, or of the leads (which despite the pictures, are reassuringly thick once you see them in real life)

    As you say, it’s a minefield out there – with packs where you hit the boost, and have exactly five seconds to turn the engine over. Packs that require re-charging via the mains once a month despite not being used – and packs that are obviously discharging faster than they handle, resulting in warping out

    My review wasn’t based on “more equals better”, indeed, I steered the reader away from the newer 1300 option in favour of keeping things under control. As it stands, the 400/800 choice on a unit that substantial seems to be a comfortable option, with some reporting that using the boost only results in a slight warming of the unit – personally, mine didn’t warm up at all when used

    I agree with everything that your post suggested, and had similar concerns myself – but this unit in the 400/800 format is quite comfortable in its own skin. The fact that you have 30 seconds to reach the key, will keep its charge for around 9 months (easy), and doesn’t seem stressed when jumping a car, puts it way ahead of the competition

    Every jumper pack has its disadvantages, and in this case, you’re trading performance for size. I find it reassuring that, for its capacity, it seems to be over engineered if anything, quite unlike the competition. In the 400/800 size, this is a solid reliable unit – in the 1300 size, it may not be, as I suggested. The “intelligent” USB outputs would appear to be a bonus, (though I have no experience to back that up), but the 12vDC outlet, again, puts it way out in front of the others

    My personal feeling, is that they got this right with the 400/800 option, and came up with a good solid jump unit that can do so much else besides

    Bit like the TW really – bullet proof, and doesn’t offer something that it can’t deliver time after time

    If you go for the 1300 option, you’re on your own – lol …………..
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