Chain Lube Comparison Test
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Thread: Chain Lube Comparison Test

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    Chain Lube Comparison Test

    I enjoy this Project Farm YouTube guyís tests. I donít always agree with his testing methods and results but heís unbiased and heís my kinda nerd. Itís a small sample and he doesnít test any of those that are more motorcycle specific. Right now I use Motul. When that runs out I might try the CRC because I rarely ride in the dirt.

    I think the biggest thing is clean and lube your chain often and itíll last a long time.

    Also - if you have an O or X Ring chain, soaking the chain in Acetone to clean it like he did would destroy or damage the rings/gaskets.
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    I'd agree the methods are a bit off. The comments in the video kinda highlight this. Wrong temperatures for the materials used, the lube was applied somewhat incorrectly, etc. Hopefully there's another test that takes this all into account. It'd be interesting to see.

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    The video is very interesting , but...
    For the chain I use special equipment and professional oil ...

    Product application, regular about every 300 km (186 Miles), or when I think about it ..
    No need for more...

    Matos lub Ch.jpg

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    Iím using Amsoil chain lube and so far I have zero complaints. Use it on my sons ATV and now on my TW.

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    On my o-ring chains, I have had great luck with Dupont's degreaser and their wax-based "chainsaver". (I do really coat the heck of the chains with the chainsaver)... Usually on an interval of 500 to 700 miles depending on type of riding. Less if in harsh environments.

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