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Thread: Finally!!!

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    Got the 10 day old 2014 T-Dub out on the Roads...35 miles riding the flat/straight roads of Mercer County Ohio towards the Hoosier State Line, then back to the West Bank Road and Lake Shore Drive of our 13,000 acre Cesspool called Grand Lake St. going to head out side and take my first thoughts in....still want to tighten up the foot brake a bit more, and adjust the clutch to get that to let out a bit quicker, for my own personal taste.

    Remember this is the first new bike I've had in years and the first bike of mine that I have ridden since 1989....we are talking 25 years here! But like anything else...drinking, fighting, and other things, even out of practice, you catch on far, I didn't lose much memory on this....

    First Thoughts: (1) Miss 6th gear...but that will come (2) Most Comfortable riding the flat straight pavement of our country back roads at between 42-50 it up to 55 but no higher, not sure how it will run at 55+ on the open road? Will find out tomorrow when it hits 63 degrees. (3) other than the brake and clutch adjustments, also need to set the mirrors to my liking...but all in all, I really like the I said, it's been awhile, and I can't wait for warmer weather to really get the feel of it....more later: flat paved roads and the pothole filled roads next to Grand Lake, along with the city streets of Celina were my targets today....more diverse as I get used to it:

    first ride finally 002.JPGfirst ride finally 005.JPGfirst ride finally 007.JPG
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    glad you are finally getting to enjoy your new baby. i wish i had a dime for every time i've reached for 6th..... maybe if i ever get the ttr motor in that will be a real advantage!
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    Quote Originally Posted by joeband View Post
    i wish i had a dime for every time i've reached for 6th!
    Same here!
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    That is one beautiful looking bike now that it is out in the sunshine, about time old man winter turned you loose. My big toe still gets sore reaching for that imaginary 6th gear almost every ride.
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    Great looking bike!! Love the blue!
    2013 T-dubbin…..livin the dream.

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    Good to see you out and about Hoot. I finally got out yesterday for a good run myself.
    A 15 tooth sprocket may ease that "need another gear" feeling but wear out that 14 tooth first and get an O-ring chain along with the 15 tooth front sprocket when the time comes. I went with a 15 front and the 50 rear and really like the combo. My TW breathes a little easier at highway speeds and still performs well off road.

    Go back and tell that Canada goose in the second picture to take his time coming home. Everything up here is still frozen solid.
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    I'm glad yammie went back to the blue........ I like it so much my wife's bike and mine are 06 blue (o; Have fun, Oh by the way I've owned mine for 8 years and still find myself reaching for 6th... OMM.
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    Sixth is for when you don't want your palms to tingle. Open that baby up, periodically just to blow out the carbon. I have a stretch of 13 miles of I-25 that I have to ride returning from my 130 mile around the mountain circuit and the bike actually enjoys being opened up to WOT. Some of us bought our first MC after 60, and I guess get our thrills cheaper than the old vets. My stock gearing will run 65 and close to 68 or so if its not too much up hill. Hey and with a tail wind its a screamer, but it handles like a bike that really likes to go 55 on pavement and 40 on dirt if its solid. Enjoy and don't forget its your friend so don't thrash it too much with out befriendiing it an equal amount. Tom
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    Swap the chain NOW! Too much time and money involved to do it right in 6000 miles, and way too much time you could have been riding instead of doing chain maintenance.

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    I have 270 miles on my new tw...
    Could I do an o-ring chain now with the stock sprockets Qwerty?
    My stock chain is almost at 2.25" slack
    Gonna do first chain adjustment tonight. Seems a little hard shifting
    Thinking one notch on snails should do it
    Last edited by Holdnon72; 03-30-2014 at 04:41 PM.
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