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    Unhappy Should I sell?...

    I am getting married in three months and have been out of work for the same. Money is tight now and I have a few other expenses that I may have to finally get a credit card for. I hate the thought of getting a credit card but hate the thought of not being able to take my wife on a honeymoon even more. So I have a friend that really likes my bikes and knows how well I take care of my things. I was offered 4k for my tw. Thoughts?

    I am 28 and like going fast but it is nice to putt around slowly on the tw sometimes. It is also very nice for riding two up unlike my ktm. For this reason my fiancee doesnt want me to sell. I don't know what else to say. I am torn. How much longer do you think they will continue to make the tw200?
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    If your lady doesn't want you to sell, don't. Talk to her as I suppose you have an open book with her as you should. As far as a honeymoon? Get married in the summer. Take that TW, put her on the back of it, go to a place under the stars and enjoy each other to yourselves. It will be a time to remember. Hopefully she will like the out of doors as much as you do. Chances are she might like a Tdub for her own.

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    Two thoughts:
    1) You have a heck of a nice bike
    2) You have a heck of a nice fiancé it seems who understands the importance of the bike and enjoys riding with you.

    Anyway to tighten belt some other way, sell KTM, control expenses? My wife understood when we had a simple wedding and delayed honeymoon. Have a Plumbstraight style honeymoon? Have friend hold, lease your TW for a loan or buy back option once you are back on feet?
    It would be a shame to start what is hopefully a lifelong relationship with a big sacrifice that she may feel responsible for in the future. Women will sometimes do this. "Oh, he had to sell it just so we can get married, what if he resents me for this?"

    If selling is the right thing to do your bike certainly is worth $4,000 in my opinion.
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    IMHO!: You DO NOT WANT CREDIT CARD(S)!!! Debt on credit cards SUCKS!!

    My wife & I were married in my sister's back yard. It was all done up lovely, flowers, decorations, the works!! My wife's wedding dress was stunning! She got it new at a bridal outlet for $80.00! (OK, This was 1987.) I & my mates had rented tuxes. The brides maids dresses were beautiful, made by my wife's mom & friends. We spent our honnymoon camping at a lake, up above Paradise California. So little money, & so much fun, the only thing that would have made it a little bit better might have been a cool trail bike.

    It's going on 27 years married now, & neither one of us would have traded that for a honnymoon in Hawaii, Vegas, etc. We still enjoy remembering all the fun two kids had in the woods. And the trout that didn't get away. But that's another story...

    You will get another job, other vacations are on the horizon, try to keep that practical, and fun as heck TW. My 2 cents.

    BTW, congratulations!! m.

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    Besides all the good advice given above.., (100% so far say keep the bike)
    If you sold the TW, we might no longer have all the good info and friendship you offer the forum Crawler!!
    We want ya to stick around...
    Keep the TW.
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    My opinion is burn the credit card if you got it and if not dont get it period. You dont want to start a marriage in debt. Especially if the marriage is going to put you in debt. I got married in a friends house and we went on our honeymoon 6 months later. Thats just my opinion, im a Dave Ramsey kind of guy. If I dont have the money for I dont buy it. If I need it that bad I will get another job to pay for it. If you have kids then dont sell it also. All the old guys I know told me to buy all the toys I wanted before I got married and they said to never sell them because once you do then they are gone for good, especially if you have kids or one on the way. Debt makes the borrower a slave to the lender. Just another mans opinion
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    We spent the week before our wedding in a tent on an island out on Moosehead Lake in Maine. Got hitched by a JP in Bar Harbor, all planned, and had a rental there for the next week. 23 years later and we still talk about the great memories of that trip that cost a grand total of $1300.

    Forget the credit card bad idea and do what is within your means. Things will get better and there is always time for honeymoon travels once you get your feet on solid ground. My wife wanted no part of a fancy ring and insisted we buy a boat instead that we have had countless hours of fun in.

    Keep your bikes or sell the one that does not work for both of you. As long as you are unemployed put things in perspective and on an austerity budget. You are entering a partnership for the long term so go through the bad times together while making the future good times happen. There will be plenty of time to do all the things life has to offer and when the two of you become one it becomes twice as easy.

    Congrats on the pending marriage.

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    Decisions/Decisions....don't envy you pal....IMO Chuck the Credit Card, they seldom have good endings....if you have to sell the bike{hope you don't}, do it, you can always go back....most of us, especially guys over 50, have ridden, been off the bike, and eventually get the itch again and come gotta do what you think is best.

    When my wife and I married in December 1976....we took the car to Wisconsin, dragged my best friend Rick, along, got married in her family's church in Oconomowoc, drive to Milwaukee, stayed a night at the Pfister Hotel for $65, came back to her folks place, picked up my buddy and drove back to Ohio on Monday....We took our Honeymoon the next October, down the east coast to the Outer Banks and on to Florida...Daytona Beach, Disney World{only cost about $15 to get the full monty back then, talk about inflation?} and on to my old home town of Venice.....driving all the way we took 2 weeks and maybe spent $ gas and not much money, but we enjoyed the time, and it didn't put a strain on our meger accounts....

    Have Fun and Enjoy your time together...I have been married for 37 years{living together for 40} and she has put up with all my travels, job changes in the early days, and has her multiple degrees and is still teaching, despite it all.

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    one thought: the tw is cheap transportation, cheap entertainment, it's already paid for and brings the two of you together.
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    small's beat my to it: What would Dave Ramsey do?

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