FNG with a new T-Dub!!!!! from Indiana.
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Thread: FNG with a new T-Dub!!!!! from Indiana.

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    FNG with a new T-Dub!!!!! from Indiana.

    I just purchased a new 2013 TW200. I remember looking at these when I was younger. I started looking at Enduro's and could not believe the prices of them things. I sold my Harley last year and wasn't going to buy another bike. Got tired of the crazy people on the street , I about got creamed several times last year and got fed up. I never went anywhere on my Harley but just back and forth to work. If there was a 30% chance of rain the Harley stayed at home because it is so much work to clean up. I had been wanted an enduro for a while now. We have a farm in the family that has a full on motocross track and several miles of trails at my disposal so it made since to get one. I have raced BMX since 1977 and this little TW makes me feel at home. At 50 Yrs. old I really didn't need a full on race enduro. I will say after having a Harley that was all tricked out and would smoke the tire off of it to the T-dub I feel right at home. Maybe I just wasn't the Harley dude that I wanted to be. Jim

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    Welcome aboard. You will have so much more fun with the TW. Plus you won't spend all week fixing it just to go out riding on the weekend.

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    Welcome to the Forum!

    I no longer own any Harleys, but now own 5 Tdubs (be careful, they can be addicting!).
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    Quote Originally Posted by n9znd View Post

    Maybe I just wasn't the Harley dude that I wanted to be.
    Welcome. Well said. It's how I feel. After I sold mine many years ago, my kids ask me if I'll get another. I tell them I have no desire to own another one. I still like them, just don't want one. It's not me.

    Have fun on the forum!
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    A motorcyclist is still just a motorcyclist, it really doesn't matter what or where you ride as long as you feel comfortable and free. I used to ride a Honda Nighthawk along with some buddies who owned Harley's, and it was a lot of fun..........until it started to rain. And then the party was over as they raced back to their respective garages like their motorcycles were going to turn into pumpkins!
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    Welcome to the forum! If you enjoyed upgrading your Harley, you now are apart of a forum that lists a trillion things that's been tried on our TW's. Here are some threads to keep you busy for a while







    This way you can get a feel for the forum and those that belong to it. Enjoy!
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    And there is that underutilized forum tool called community, and indeed there is one for Indiana, it might even turn into something some day. (There is actually quite a bit of stuff there I have posted.)

    Click "community" at the top of the page and join if you are so inclined.

    And of course, welcome to the forum.
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    There have been alot of new t dubbers from Indiana here lately. Congrats

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    Welcome from another Hoosier!
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    Been a hoosier and plan on returning after this job is over. Glad to see you took off the pirate costume. I'm sure you will get along fine with the rest of us that are wearing our every day clothes. TW is a most capable tool as long as you respect it's limits. People may be nicer to you on it than they did when you were on the Harley. I know how mental some Hoosiers are when they climb into their cages. The TW gives you the option of pulling off into the grass when they get to stupid. I think I will join the Hoosier group so that I'm not a stranger when I return.
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