Should I buy or hold off? tw 200 with 16k
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    Should I buy or hold off? tw 200 with 16k

    I wanted to get some expert opinions before I pulled the trigger on a little tw200 on craigslist.

    Here is what I have found: 2000 tw200 with 16k miles, includes kickstart option. Has had oil and air cleaner changed but no other maintenance, ie. Chain, etc. Tires iffy.

    States 90% of those miles while commuting and he is 2nd owner and has put 2k miles on it.

    Needs seat cover (had planned on redoing it anyways) no mirrors, front turn signal lense. Appears to run ok. He wants $1250 firm. Selling to build a bobber. Seems ok... Should I be concerned with mileage and limited maintenance even though these are very solid based on my lurking here and other similar haunts. Was gonna offer $950, which is still more than nada and kbb estimate value.


    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello and welcome! You're going to need to invest a few hundred $$ right off the bat on this one. IMHO, the asking price is a bit high but if he takes your offer I'd say it's worth it. Keep in mind, the TW prices seen to be trending higher this year, I think the days of getting a deal on one that's good to go for under $2k are over, you'll probably wind up spending twice the asking price on a later model year TW in reasonable condition.

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    Hi Merlin, welcome to the forum!

    From your description, this TW has had a pretty hard life with little or no maintenance. Since you are planning to build a bobber, then the cosmetics are probably not too important to you.

    The price you should pay depends a lot on your location, how much money you have, and how badly you want a TW. I would point out all the work that it needs and probably offer about $750.00 and be prepared to go somewhat higher. Also be prepared to walk away if he is not willing to consider a reasonable offer.

    Good luck,


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    Thanks. I should have clarified, the seller is selling to finance his new creation - a bobber. I appreciate everyones input and will wait - buyers market with the economy and all. He would not budge from the $1250 and I could not see spending the additional $300 with the tlc it needed.

    I have an affinity for lil thumpers, being too old to want to go 100 mph with my hair on fire down the freeway. Just will keep my eyes peeled and meanwhile keep lurking...

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    Put a Wanted ad on Craigslist and ask anyone you see riding one. I found a good '98 for $750 just by riding around the neighborhood on my '95. I passed it on to my new riding buddy who now has a very good 6000 mile bike for way less than $1000.

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    I just bought a 2010 with 3500 KMs for $1750 cdn. If your willing to wait eventually you will find a deal that you don't even have to think about.

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    I don't sweat the miles when buying one. If it sits, you have to work on it. If it's driven a lot, you still have to work on it. Seat covers are cheap and easy. I would want to try another type tire anyway. Sprockets and chain to your liking, even if you buy a new one. Kicker is worth $200+ done right.

    Of course another one will come along. Go with your gut. That is what you have to live with.

    I've only had 2 TWs so far:
    2010 TW200Z : Kick starter, rear CycleRack, 14:47 final w/o-ring chain, shorai 14, Shinko 244 5.10-18 Hidden Content .........

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