How many miles?
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Thread: How many miles?

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    How many miles?

    Who has the most miles on a TW or any other bike? I have almost 400,000 miles on my F-150 truck and a buddy had 180,000 miles on a big twin Harley. I hear of guys with 20,000 on some small bore bikes and was curious if anyone has 50,000 or so on a TW or is that too far fetched?

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    I have put all of the 86k plus miles on my 05 GS. That's the most miles I've ever put on one bike. I hope to make it to 100k. My TW has only 700 miles.
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    I've got 3200 on my yr. old TW and about 26,000 on my KLR. I had an SR500 that I bought new and put 35,000 on it before selling it. Really regret getting rid of that one. Also had a Seca 650 that I put 38,000 on.
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    I had 68k on my GS when I sold it and have put 7200 on my TW in 6 months. I'll ride this old girl until I can't fix it anymore. My objective is to run it to 100k. Prolly have to throw an engine or two at it
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    Last time this topic came up

    Last time I checked ( a couple of years ago) Qwerty was in the lead as far as Tw's go

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    Qwerty ( forum member) had over 50k on his TW engine with regular maintenance.

    I had 15k on mine before I sold it.

    Since everybody else is mentioning their other bikes I guess I should run my mouth about the 50k miles on my badass CB900. Within the last 5k miles it's been running extra smooth like clockwork...I think it may finally be broken in!
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    2007 CB919 - 70k Miles and still runs like new!

    * 2001 TW200 (Sold after 15k miles of fun)

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    Tdub has 51k. She doesn't get ridden much anymore. Only engine work is a clutch and a base gasket. Tdub2 has about 1100 miles, most on dirt and gravel.

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    I had put 23k on my 05' R6 prior to selling her. TW has 17k on her

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