New guy, New Tdub, Grinning ear to ear!
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Thread: New guy, New Tdub, Grinning ear to ear!

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    New guy, New Tdub, Grinning ear to ear!

    Decided to buy a new TW200, after lots of research and fighting the crowd for used bikes on Craigslist. I have been doing all kinds of research, and finally pulled the trigger last weekend. I love this bike! I ordered rear rack and Jimbo Windshield last week. Finally got a chance to get out and ride today. I rode part trails and blacktop thru Texas hill country. Dumped it within the first 5 minutes, Jumped back on and kept on trucking. Haven't had this much fun in a good while. I had a blast today, can't wait to ride again.

    Great Website and Glad to be here!
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    Good on yer mate.
    Twelve rules will get you through life with style.
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    Hello and welcome! Congrats!

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    Lov the Postie bike too! Welcome aboard good sir.
    God willin' and the creek don't rise.

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    Forever grateful for all your help brother
    2005 TW wrecked in ‘14 and rebuilt in ‘17. ‘06 donor parts and new OEM, Carb jetted & shimmed, ‘04 XT225 gas tank, UNI air filter, Shinko 241 front, modded Krator pegs, IMS folding shifter, JT 14/47 sprockets, huge car horn, tool tube, DR8EIX plug, short rear signals, Cycleracks rear, All Balls steering bearings, Protaper ATV High bars, OEM Kickstarter with more to come...

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    Nice I have a 2014 as well. Cold starts in the morning really suck though got to pull the choke. .
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    Congrats SP!

    Brush guards, skid plate, explore the planet...

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    welcome SP!

    I too have a CT-90 in the garage. Since I got the TW, it hasn't seen much attention.
    Good bunch of guys here, let us know if you got questions (most answers are already posted, so search away)
    Once your up and running, remember, we love pictures! Don't let us down
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    "Dumped it within the first 5 minutes"

    Darn near broke in already!

    Welcome and have fun. And you have a camera too! Put both to good use, we like pitcher's!
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    I remember seeing the gas company meter readers riding all over south Florida on CT90s. One guy at the local Honda shop made a good living doing nothing but servicing those CT for the gas company, another did nothing but repairs on the same bikes, and his teenage son did nothing but set up new CTs working 23 hours a week. That was one heck of a lot of CTs.

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