I ride my TW mostly in the winter, to and from work. Yesterday I pulled the ice screws out of the tires to prepare for summer (perhaps it will not snow much until next fall but you never know) and the ride on the Glenn hwy to wasilla (aka palenville) to pick up a truck I bought a couple weeks ago .
(-) 15F was the coldest I rode in last winter, the bike starts and runs great in cold temperatures. Today out on the Glenn (divided hwy headed north out of anc) the bike would start to miss about 53 mph, ran strong up to that. Hard to say if it was carb or ignition because going down "Brake light hill " over Eagle river bridge it still missed depending on speed, and ran strongly up to 50+ going up the other side. I had a long traffic light to turn down the Knik Goose bay road, when I got going down the knik it ran great up to 70MPH. Crud in the carb that finally got washed out? The starboard engine gasket let go and coated the bike in fancy oil. Always something. Fortunately I have the Honda out . My former wrench moved to the kenai, sniff. rw