If you could have but one improvement on your TW, it would be?
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Thread: If you could have but one improvement on your TW, it would be?

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    If you could have but one improvement on your TW, it would be?

    After much consideration, I would say more capable braking. This past Sunday, a car first stopped, then started to pull out in front of me, the driver thankfully looked and saw me coming at about 45 mph, and once again stopped. There was not enough distance to stop my bike before impact, and I was about to choose a wide arc around the front of the car, when the driver stopped the second time.

    Not to make excuses, as one should always be ready for the unexpected, but I wonder if riding my other bikes ( with much more capable braking ) lulled me into a false sense of security regarding the TW's braking ability?

    Running very close behind this shortcoming is:
    #2: 75 mph top speed capable
    #3: better suspension

    I enjoy the bike, but I have to remind myself of her limitations. Rubber side down, Dave

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    I'd really like another 100cc. Most of the rest of it, I can do something about.
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    another gear
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    hi-lo range quick shift device
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    That 6th gear I keep trying to kick it into
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    Forever grateful for all your help brother
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    6th gear.

    Rear disk brake
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    Better braking would be #1 on my list too, they are really woefully inadequate on the street and i find them marginal on the dirt too. I find the rear brake to be simply a compliance item and is a pedal i almost never touch.

    I always thought the rear brake on my Ducati was useless until i bought a TW and realized it can be worse.... The Multistrada rear brake is a common complaint amongst owners, its mushy unless you bleed it all the time or replace the exhaust that boils the fluid and doesn't have the greatest power(although worlds better than the TW front or rear brake). The front on the other hand is super capable and allows the bike to stop on a dime.

    Second on my list would be better suspension with some ability to tune the damping both front and rear, third would be more power.

    The power piece i can fix easily enough with some mods. The suspension is a little trickier but options are out there. The brakes on the other hand might prove tough to fix, i would love to do a rear disc conversion(something i have been scheming up in my mind) and a dual front disc
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    Mo' pawr. Without it, I don't think the 6th gear would be very usable most of the time. It does fine on the 3 miles I've been riding of I-5 at 65 for the last couple of days. With more juice, I might be inclined to run dual sprockets, one for weekends , the other for weekdays. She's definitely screamin' when she gets above 65ish for me to ease back a bit. I'm wondering how long the TW would last if she were subjected to that or 6 miles of 55 and 3 miles of 65 every morning 5 days a week. That's soon to be a large part of my commute if I don't take back roads (which will extend the time from 15 min to 25+). Any takers?
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    1) The extra gear and accompanying necessary extra CC's so it could cruise COMFORTABLY at 63 MPH.

    2) About double the gas capacity.

    3) Needs to be made uglier. With its current design it is a chick magnet. Oh sure, a few decades ago that would have been perfect for me. However, now I am happily married and getting older by the minute and I just don't have time for TW groupies.

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    2 wheel drive, like a Rokon!
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