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    Don't know anything about the TW's charging system. However, I am becoming more and more familiar with mine. Seems my bodies 'reserve capacity' has been dropping over the years. Some time ago I installed a kickstarter on my 06. When I changed out my original battery, I went with a name brand AGM unit. All, time and money well spent.

    As mentioned on this thread, and likely others, some thought has been given to carrying a 2ed battery. For most, this might be seen as ridiculous and likely it would be for them. Here are some recent experiences that have gotten me to move in that direction. Last season I fell after a missed shift on a steep hill. As luck would have it, a couple of 4 wheel drive fellas happened along and helped me get the bike upright. I thanked them and sent them on their way. An intermediate step that I suggest you all give some thought to is, see if your bike will start before you let your rescuers depart. It became clear, this was a situation that was going to challenge my battery. As well, it would be an even greater challenge for me physically. At 66 (for me), the extended kicking secessions proved to be tiring. Bump starting on a hill still works, but pushing and quickly mounting my mechanical horse is a no-go.

    What I have been doing over the last couple of days is setting my bike up to take quick advantage of those very compact lithium jumper packs. The good ones are certainly capable of starting either of my two automobiles so the TW should be no problem.

    Here we go. No testing at this point. This lithium technology seems to have grown to be accepted. The Power-All 12000R has gotten good reviews. It weighs one pound and measures 7"X3", and offers up 400 amps.

    In addition to starting your car (4cyl & small 6cyl gas) it can do riding tractors, motorcycles and as well, charge cellphones, cameras, and tablets.

    I am confident of the concept. As well, I have grown to realize most folks would be very resistant to hack-up their bikes to make the changes I make. Right now, my concern is the 10 gauge wire that I used to hook to battery (+) and ground. I may need to go thicker.

    For me, the whole idea is to have something in place that may allow me to crank the bike over a bit more if this might be needed. If the idea has any glaring negatives, I will certainly share them. As a side note, you may as well be able to offer another trailside adventurer some much needed amps should their machine refuse to start. Gerry

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    Quote Originally Posted by fielding View Post
    I have push started mine a few times, however to do it required 3rd gear. In 2nd gear mine just slides the wheel. I had only done it on pavement. Last Saturday I decided to try it out on a dirt road. It was much more difficult to get enough speed, because even in 3rd gear it would slide the wheel. I had to get enough speed that I could jump on and then release the clutch. That way I was able to push start it, but it was not easy. Then I drove it onto a sandy trail and after many attempts I simply was unable to start the TW. So this tells me I have no back-up way to start this machine with a dead battery if I am riding off-road. It needs a kick starter.
    I want to confirm this statement, definitely 3rd gear and then enough speed to jump on and release the clutch, I have to do this everyday in the mornings because of the fact that my starter motor is faulty at the moment, but she starts fairly easily especially if the bike is on a slight downhill. - Remember also to pull out the choke all the way when the engine is cold.
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    I find my tw200 very easy to push start, just double check your kill switch is on, I like to find a hill and roll it down the hill when possible (drive way is sloped) A kicker is great but $350 is a lot. This is probably the worlds easiest bike to push start, the grippy tire, low speed handling, light weight, single small cylinder engine. I was 100% ready to buy a kick starter when I got my bike then I bump started it a half dozen times and didn't realize the point to the kicker anymore. Remember 95% of bikes have electric start 5% have kickers, but only 1% is this easy to push start. I tried pushing my KLR and if it didn't start it was going to tip, if it did start it was going run like like hell. If you think you absolutely need it do it, not many bikes have the option. But don't be afraid to push it.
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