tw year 2013's and there mileage going foreward
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Thread: tw year 2013's and there mileage going foreward

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    tw year 2013's and there mileage going foreward

    TW2013 was looking for a bike initially that was the next to his serial number wise. He found a bike that worked, albeit a 2014, but in the process, Dette showed up with over 7K miles from a 2013 that was had from early Jan of '14. I am interested in following that model year. what has been done and what kind of miles you have traveled on it. I have received a bit of shit because I'm not into rock and timber crawling and breaking parts in the process. I like off road, but at my age not a hell hole run. A bit of off(very little) and a lot of back country twistys with nothing to prove seems the way I wish to go. As a result I run TW203/204 series tires(w/ride-on) and Protaper hi Reg. bars. This gives me more of a scrambler approach. I also run an X-ring chain & a K&N air filter & synthetic oil. As I run I am shedding parts(or replacing w/ others such as my shift lever) as I go. If I need it, great. My 2013 # 140707. I received the bike first of Aug. 2014. I am interested in folks that wish to contribute in a positive manner on what they do with their 2013's, not knocking different approaches to this bike and I am interested in mileage and trips. DSCN0315.JPG
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    Just give me a minute while I collect my thoughts. They're around here somewhere. Maybe!

    2013 TW200(Protaper SE ATV High handlebars, DID 428VX-X ring chain, Shinko Tires, K&N Air Filter, Seat Concepts "Grip" seat covering, Outlaw Racing Folding
    Gear shifter, My custom( long/thin) foot pegs, My custom(extended) Rear brake lever, Battery tender harness, Gel Battery, "Bikini" Bike rack, Mobil 1 4T synthetic, BLUE Ricochet Skid Plate , DG Exhaust & 15 Front Sproket.

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    My 2013 TW additions/modifications:
    Front & Rear Cycle Racks
    Jimbo Windscreen (Blue)
    TCI Skidplate
    RotoPax 2 Gallon Fuel Pack
    O-Ring Chain (this is the most important purchase)
    47 Tooth Rear Sprocket
    Spare Front and Rear Inner Tubes
    Yamaha TW200 Service Manual (w/ Lousy - difficult to see pictures)
    Acerbis Rally Pro Handguards
    Moose Foam Handguards (Great to block wind in cold weather)
    Kenda 5.1-18 Front Tire
    Quick Release Seat Fasteners (My own version)
    Tool Tubes (Yet to be mounted)
    Sticker - "Not All Who Wander Are Lost"

    I think that about sums it up but I am sure I will remember something else later....not exactly on the motorcycle but tonight, I picked up the helmet I ordered at the Seattle IMS back in December, a White Bell MX-9 Adventure

    Oh yeah....foam grip covers....I tore up a $60 pair of gloves in a couple of months with the stock grips. I have never had that problem with my Triumph grips and now that I have the foam covers on the TW I am not tearing up gloves.
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    I am learning about these bikes. I like what I am seeing so far.
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