Was!!! Is!!! HOME ALONE !!! ????
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Thread: Was!!! Is!!! HOME ALONE !!! ????

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    Was!!! Is!!! HOME ALONE !!! ????

    Home Was!!! Alone...just got back from taking better half & son to airport.Their off to Vegas. Reno.Lake Tahoe spring break for my son. Vegas bucket list thing for them..been their done that...Reno Tahoe visit good friends.. only have a week so had to fly.I'm not much on the fly part. (If god wants me to fly I'd have wings..) HOME ALONE aaaaaahhhh...peace quite.. it's after noon beverage!!!! Time. before I even got there could see the note on frig door!!!!! Honey do ..or...don't list started with love you DON'T FORGET TO... I'd list them but would lose most of you before page two...on down the list was get the mail..!!??? Thanx .. admiral.. mail box north or house basement door to south...(TW in basement )mail run!!! Home alone...let me know what you would do???fun to see the replies... and yes I'm looking for my mail box. HOME. is!!! ALONE God is great. Beer is good. people are crazy
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    It's sunny and 70° here in Reno today. Supposed to be 78 tomorrow, woo-hoo spring is here!

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    Funny how a well fleshed out "Honey Do" list can ruin a perfectly good day home alone. Perhaps the wives don't want us to have more fun than them while they are away. At least eat something inappropriate, order a pizza!
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    I will be in the same boat next week I will use my honey do list to ignite the charcoal in my grill. A few Sam Adam's and a very high quality ribeye should start my week off proper

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    I am home alone every day after the wife goes to work. The honey do list is a science I have mastered and can get it done in a very short time as compared to her procrastinating over such trivial chores. Still have a couple feet of snow covering the ground so not yet TW season here and not much else to do with ice covered lakes nothing but slush so it is get ready to run time on all the stuff I want to do once the weather does brake.

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    Home!!! Was!!! Alone!!! Most of afternoon & night...on TW looking for mail box. Ended up at friends house. Steak over campfire.. spirits...lots of tall tails hand rolled cigar from Dominican trip last month ( see you like those to hoot)lots of laughing... TW spent it's first night outside?? Not getting back on once spirits came out!!! Home alone working on that honey do list....which I think have mastered also...I'm sure it had basketball (it is March madness) rest on it someplace... if not sure I saw go play poker with the boys!!!!!! So yes... HOME !!! is!!! ALONE!!!

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    You sure better act like you missed her dearly and were most miserable without her home!
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