Old Timer Returns
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Thread: Old Timer Returns

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    Old Timer Returns

    Greetings everyone.

    I used to participate in the old forum years ago. I have come back to get a little help from those of you who love these little bikes.

    I have gotten a lot older, and it is harder for me to ride. I have a lot of pain when I operate the clutch lever (carpel tunnel, or tendonitis?), so I rarely ride.

    Therefore, I am looking to sell my bike, but it has been so long since I have done anything with it I do not know its value. I figure somebody here would have a pretty good idea of its worth.

    It is a 2006 with 9000 miles. It has a cycle racks rear rack, and "taller" sprocket for reaching highway speeds. It has seldom been ridden for 4 years, and not at all for 2 years, just sitting in the garage collecting dust. The last time I rode it, it was cutting out at 1/4 throttle. I assume it is a carburetor issue from sitting so long. IMO a rebuild would fix it just fine. I would surmise that the battery is dead as well. In the next couple of days, I will see if it will start.

    I will post it in the classifieds here, once I get a little better handle on what is worth. I know that without a hands on experience it is hard to know the worth of a machine. But I am looking for ball park figures. Off the top of my head, I might guess $2000, but would like to hear feedback from you.

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    I think with needing carb flush and battery $2000 is about right.
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    Hi Old Lazy Dog,

    Welcome back, even if it is for just a quick hello!

    Not knowing where you are located, I'll give my best advice..

    It's high mileage considering what usually sells around here. It's been sitting, and the carb is gummed up. I would venture to say that you could get $2,000 (if) the carb was cleaned up and the bike ran right. It's going to take someone time and effort to clean the tank well and rebuild the carb. I would try to fix it if you can, then I think you could get $2,000 or close to it. Other wise, I'd say $1,500 or so. Sorry if this isn't what you are expecting, but with a little bit of work?....

    Anyway, we will miss you in the TW world and thanks for stopping by. I'm sure others will have a comment or two.

    God bless you brother.
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    Where you are located has a lot to do with the price. As far as getting it running right I guess I have some bad news for you. Sitting for 2-4 years with the same old gas in the tank and carb is what kills things fastest. Chances are the fuel has ethanol in it so I am sure there is plenty of rust inside both the tank and carb plus a bunch of gunk from the phase separation that takes place with these fuels. I would not recommend even trying to get it running with out a complete system flush and cleaning. If you can't or don't care to do this yourself then put a price on it As Is and plan on getting well below what it really is worth. Just for a basis to go by, there is a 2001 on my local CL right now listed for $1600 that has 4,500 miles but is running fine and appears to be very clean. It will sell pretty quick because he has it priced to sell and it runs right. I have a 2006 out in my shed that I will sell this spring but it is just about brand new with only 73 miles and in showroom condition. I will look for over $3,000 for it but again, the buyer could fire it up and drive it home. Yours will be a tough sell unless you get it running right first and even then with 9,000 miles on it a good deal of the value is already gone. I would immediately suspect it needs new tires, chain and sprockets and a new battery so that is close to $300.

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