found title 1995 tw utah last known place
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    found title 1995 tw utah last known place

    I got my vin inspection done on the TW yesterday and noticed that the vin did not match the title. After some research and I contacted the original owner that sold the bikes in an auction. He sold a 1994 and a 1995. Well the titles got mixed up by the auction, the new owners never registered the bikes because they kept them on the farm or this would have been found out long ago. Well the original owner is kind enough to get a duplicate and the auction company is going to pay for it and send it to me. I now have the title for the 1995 and am trying to locate the bike.

    Bike was sold in an Idaho auction then sold to a person in utah.

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    the '94 and '95 rainbow warriors are often confused... blue frames, red/red-orange seats and lots of flaming colors. that said an auction house should have been more careful and matched numbers.
    here's a photo montage showing all the years, including these two.

    good on ya, looking for the other owner, hopefully the rightful owner will find this post.
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