Found I couldn't depart from my trusty TW
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Thread: Found I couldn't depart from my trusty TW

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    Senior Member dogonit's Avatar
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    south central Va.

    Found I couldn't depart from my trusty TW

    While my new Honda CB300F really satisfies my road running and getting places, I almost made a huge mistake in offering my finely tuned TW for sale. I realized that I still had a need for those paths less traveled and am so glad i didn't sell my sweet 2013TW. Thank you lord!
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    Just give me a minute while I collect my thoughts. They're around here somewhere. Maybe!

    2013 TW200(Protaper SE ATV High handlebars, DID 428VX-X ring chain, Shinko Tires, K&N Air Filter, Seat Concepts "Grip" seat covering, Outlaw Racing Folding
    Gear shifter, My custom( long/thin) foot pegs, My custom(extended) Rear brake lever, Battery tender harness, Gel Battery, "Bikini" Bike rack, Mobil 1 4T synthetic, BLUE Ricochet Skid Plate , DG Exhaust & 15 Front Sproket.

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    Senior Member mhomadness's Avatar
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    Smart choice for sure! Nuf said! m.
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    Senior Member plumbstraight's Avatar
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    That little TW has a calling of it's own. You will never regret keeping it.
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    Senior Member BRug14468's Avatar
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    A TW is more like a dog than a bike to me. I agree with your decision to keep it and not rehome it.
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    Super Moderator Purple's Avatar
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    I was going for a run earlier this week – turned a street corner, and there was this guy on a “pwoper” trials bike. All the fancy stuff – bright yellow bike, bright yellow helmet, bright yellow leathers.

    He was the same age as me – looked over at me like he smelled something bad.

    I just nodded at him and grinned ………….
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    Senior Member RockyTFS's Avatar
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    At least you get to sit down....
    2018 TW200
    2014 BMW R1200GS LC

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    I was lucky enough to find a mint 1998 with 949 miles on it around 5 years ago, I currently only have about 1100 miles on it now. I see it sitting there doing nothing and think maybe it needs to move on, but I just can't let it go after I start it.
    Times come up when the money from that could go towards something else, but if I get rid of it I'm sure I couldn't find another in this condition for the same money.
    So for now I am lucky enough to be able to just let it hang out in the garage.
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    Senior Member mhomadness's Avatar
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    Boonville, No.-Calif.
    Trailmaster, RIDE IT! I mean, whenever you can. It really is the best bike!

    And you are so right, you got your hands on a great bike at a great price! I got my '97 with 888 miles on it. You nor I could ever replace* these bikes for any deal close to what we have already.
    *maybe almost never, sometimes great deals still come along, rarely... Keep it! m.
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