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Thread: kicker

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    A great fellow stopped by today and installed a kicker on my 03. Will get a pic up. He checked and rechecked every nook and cranny, every bolt, pulled out torque wrenches to get everything "just right". The parts came put together but he checked it all first and wouldn't you know, some of the parts were in the wrong sequence. I tell you, he inspects it all and for good reason.

    Then it was on to Dette's bike. Scottoiler. Seat off, tank off, clean everything that is in the area meticulously and then starts to put things on. That's when it went downhill fast. I gave him a nice office chair to be comfortable as the concrete is hard on knees. After working a bit he leans back to pick up a part and the thing separates on him. No warning and he hits the floor hard on his backside and elbow. The seat separated from the roller tower. I have sat in that chair and worked out of it for some time. Never did it feel loose. He was lying on the floor and I didn't know whether to call an ambulance or get a tractor and load him up in the truck. He started to move and I could see he was in terrible pain, but he finished the scottoiler and had it working great. Those are a chain saver for sure.

    I am just happy that the tower from the legs up didn't impale him when it let go.

    Took him to my other place and we had little wild blackberrie pie and a slice of rhubarb with caramel icecream to ease his back and elbow.

    Sent him home with the rest of the pie and a tractor seat he is going to put on a stump. I am sure the stump will not fold up on him.

    OH and by the way, he was dressed to perform surgery on our bikes in his Hickory. Good looking fellow he is.

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    Pics or it didn't happen!
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    ATGATT Mike! (even when you are sitting in a chair) O yeah, and leave the armor in the elbows...

    Rhubarb!! Yum!

    *sorry you got hurt bro.
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