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Thread: Introducing myself

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    Smile Introducing myself

    The TW has been on my "going to own" list for some years. Well thanks to William for buying My R6 and Tom from Craigslist passing through town I am now the pleased owner of a 2004 with a paltry 1500 miles. IMG_0461.jpgIMG_0460.jpg

    It has the california can on the side there, well "patinaed" racks front and back, artfully curved levers and mirrors on both sides, and a completely dead battery. Overall I'm pleased as punch.
    It is obvious that this poor little bike has sat neglected and unused out in the weather. As a function over looks kind of guy I'll fix all of the bent parts, check all the bearings and other moving parts, but will likely leave the finish as is. Living in the southern Nevada desert rust is a non issue. The Previous owner claims the he had it jetted for 10,000 feet (thinks it has a 117 main) so that might need checking. With a little push it jumps right to life and purrs like a kitten. Ive ordered the levers and a lithium battery off of amazon.
    Took her out for a shake down run yesterday. 52 miles out into the Parashant (grand canyon) national monument area. Mix of gravel, sand, rocky, and steep roads. And then turned around and road back. Not sure just what kind of range the tank would give me I didn't want to push it. Back in town (Mesquite NV.) The odometer said 85.4 miles and It took 1.13 gallons of gas, 75.5 MPG over rough terrain and 7000 foot change in elevation. WOOT.
    I've ridden these same trails on my 92 BMW GS but this was way more fun. The GS will do it, but it is all work. The TW just made it fun.
    I bought this bike thinking that my kids were getting old enough to go riding with me. Humm.. this just may be dads play bike, sorry kids.

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    Welcome! Looks like a nice bike, just needs a dust off! Any info you need it's all on the forum you can just search or ask!
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    Greg from Glenville

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    Hello and welcome! Congrats!
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    Welcome to the forum Sponge!

    Looks like you got a good deal on a nice looking bike.
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    Payed $2k for it so I think it was fair. Not a screemin' deal, but fair for the little bit of TLC that it needs. The clincher was the low miles. 1500 nearly nothing. As with anything it is worth just exactly how much you want it.
    The previous owner told me that it was part of a his and hers set. Looks to me like there may have been some swapping between the two. The racks have obviously seen more miles that the rest of the bike. i would guess at least 10ish years older.
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    Welcome to our home away from home sponge. Sounds like you did your homework and got exactly what you were looking for. Congratulations. Check back often and let us know which of your bikes odometers are gaining the most miles.

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    Swend? Elmer Fudd- is that you?......Mike you Cwazy Wabbit!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TWilight View Post
    ...swend them out to be sand blasted,....
    I would bwuy a good front tire and some bwushguards first! BWAHAHAHAH
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    Welcome aboard!! Nice bike, neat condition! icon_thumbup.gif
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    Mike, is very particular about his "spelling". He "usually" is a pretty nice guy, so you better not tease him, we haven't seen his "mad" side....
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