Noticed a common theme when looking at used TWs
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Thread: Noticed a common theme when looking at used TWs

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    Noticed a common theme when looking at used TWs

    I know this might not be the place to ask this question because you all love your T-dubs. I really want one after reading about your folk's stories. I have one nagging thing though that keeps showing up: why so many T-dubs on the used market with less than 500 miles?

    I'm amazed to see so many with even under 200 miles and the bikes are 10 years old. Do people buy them with false expectations? Is there something about the T-dubs that really turn people off once they get it? Do they not do well on the streets so people just don't ride them? I've never seen another model that gets so little use. This makes me wonder if I would be another statistic?

    I have had many bikes that I have truly loved. My BMW R1100RL, R60/5, Honda XLR250R Baja, and ATC185S are all bikes I love/loved. A few years back I sold my XR650L solely because it was too heavy, too tall, sucked in Michigan sand. I also wanted to do more long road trips. I think the Tdub would not be too heavy, nor too tall, and would do better in sand than the front heavy XR650L. I'll keep the BMW for long road trips but a Tdub would be fun for just farting around locally and off road.

    Back to my question, why do you think there are so many used T-dubs with ridiculously low miles?

    Jay Dub
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    I think they are often bought by beginner riders to start out on then they soon move on to something bigger or lose interest in riding,They are great little bikes for trails and backroads, not the best for freeway use. The bike is outdated technology wise but is still a lot of fun. If you buy it to do some backroad/trail exploring, I think you'll be happy with it. If you buy used and decide it's not for you, it should be easy to sell and get your money back.
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    So many of them had low miles due to the fact that they were used as accessory bikes with RV's traveling and camping. They would get a little use in campgrounds and poking around and not a whole lot more. But as you know, they are good for a whole lot more than that!
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    A few people buy them for the way they look — then find out they can’t turn a two-valve thumper into a racing bike. Others need them for maybe just the one season, then stick them in the barn. Some just treat them as “toys”.

    Some “use” them for what they’re best at — these are the guys who rack up the miles ……….

    Don’t get me wrong — if you’ve got the dollars — you can do what you like with them.

    I think there’s a middle ground here as well — people with a lot of bikes (like yourself), who want to have a TW for its capabilities, rather than an “everyday” ride.

    Lives change — a lot of people start out with the best intentions, then go in a different direction …….
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    Some of us are just "Old" when we buy them, and then die or go blind at our advanced ages, and can't rack up miles on the TW....{insert Sarcasm icon}

    Seriously though....I've had my 2014 purchased new since late March of 2014...and I've just passed the 1000 mile mark on it...why? Because I'm seldom into pavement riding these days, and there just isn't much gravel around and Montezuma Nick{whose 2015 now has 300 miles on it} plan on a couple of rides this summer to add some mainly off road miles....but frankly, I don't ever think I will put 10,000 on mine, even if I stay active and healthy....not that I don't love it, but not being 25 anymore, I don't feel the need to jump on the TW every chance I get....even the 8 days riding in Moab, I only put 300 or so miles on mine....and was perfectly happy with that.

    If you buy a TW for commute, IMO there are better options, if you buy it for nothing but hard core off road reasons, IMO there are better options...if you purchase one to ride around town, back country paved and non-paved roads, and trail will be hard pressed to find a better bike for the fun and money.
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    I like this question. I'm not an expert on human behavior by any means, but I'll take a stab at what could be some of the many reasons "Low mile TW's" frequently end up on the market.

    Theory 1. Preferences. Some of the TW's are acquired / purchased by folks with more than one type of bike & ridding experiences. At first they enjoy / think they enjoy the concept of what is (arguably) undoubtedly the best all around trail bike ever produced. Now here is where it becomes a bit more complicated... A: The feeling the bike does not live up to "Their" expectations. Such as "It's under-powered" or "It does not ride like my motocross bike". This is true. Quickly stated, the TW is a trail bike, adaptable to fulfill all the variable rolls of such. Nuf said.
    B: "I was hoping to have more time to use it / enjoy the TW. Sad but true, due to busy lives, changes in life styles (almost never of ones choice), and health issues, many of the TW's end up in the barn or garage to sit...
    C: I already have more bikes than I can ride / use! Although most likely the rarest of all reasons, it does occur. The bike comes their way from a relative or friend, and the bike sits un-used again for many reasons.

    As stated the TW is (arguably) undoubtedly the best all around trail bike ever produced, and can be modified to suit many different needs, roles, & tastes, or used stock! For those people who enjoy the trail riding experience, this bike is an excellent choice.

    When a low mile 10 year old TW presents its self, it may be a golden opportunity. m.

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    All good answers, and I'll add a few of my own: 1) many t'dubs come second hand from motorcycle safety schools or state patrol n such agencies that use it to teach new riders. Mine was one if these. These bikes rack up very little mileage through cones. 2) Other agencies such as wildlife, parks, sheriffs, etc. get these new and put them out second hand with low miles. 3) Some guys buy these for hunting season, and only use them then. Here in WA they are perfect for that as you need to be plated to run on FS roads, but can still be awesome on the trails to get firewood, scout, and pack out your game. Well that is my 2 cents worth.
    - Leisure Time Larry -
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    Who cares why? Just buy it cheap and enjoy.

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    I picked mine up from a nice older lady who had been "pressured" into riding, and decided that she didn't like it. She put one tank of gas through it, 62 miles. It sputtered and died when I started it at her place. I bought it on the spot, and for a good price. In Fairbanks our riding season is short, and sometimes things come up in the summer, and riding is cut short. I bought mine in 2011 - it's a 2009. I have just under 2000 miles on it. I have had zero problems with it that weren't of my own doing. I will never sell it. If you find one with low miles for a good price, pick it up and don't worry about it. If you don't like it, just turn around and sell it for what you paid for it.

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    Thing about these bikes since 2000 they are pretty much unchanged. I could give a rip about year, as long as it is after 1990 with a good cdi and has low miles and is not rusted up, it has a lot of miles to go. The difference in my 03 and 09 is a different front fender color so big deal, they ride the same and are basically identical.

    As far as mileage, From 03 when it was new till about 13 it hardly had a thousand mi put on it. Was working away from home and it sat. After an oil change and retirement it gets out and the dust knocked off. With a recent carb cleaning, a kick starter and handguards installed it is right up there with a 2015 and then some.

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