Back brake seems inadequate
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Thread: Back brake seems inadequate

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    Back brake seems inadequate

    I bought a 2015 TW200 a few weeks ago. It's my first motorcycle in many years. To me the back brake seems too small to really do the job. Even when I press on it pretty hard the best I hope for is that it slows me down. I find myself using the front brake quite a bit because the back brake just doesn't seem to be doing the job. I get the feeling if I had to make an emergency stop I would be in big trouble. Do others feel this way besides me? Thanks

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    It's an old school drum brake. Whaddya gonna do. It is what it is. At least you'll have a hard time skidding with the rear brake.
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    My rear brake seems to work pretty good on my 2013, but it's the front brake on mine that seems inadequate. I guess I'm used to the double front servos on my GS.
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    The front is where over 80% of the stopping power is, you should be using more front than rear.

    The TW's brakes are ok, not great but good for what that are stopping. I personally don't feel that i would have a problem in a true panic situation.

    If you want to talk about horrible rear brakes, take a Ducati Multistrada like mine for a ride, the rear brake is useless. Its literally merely a compliance item to make it road worthy. Thankfully the front brakes are superb. I almost never use the rear brake on this bike except for really slow speed for control or to hold it on a hill.
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    Plenty of rear brake if used in concert with the front. Practice, practice, practice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimv3845 View Post
    In dirt or even pavement under 10 mph, the rear should be able to lock up every time. It should engage at about 1/2" of pedal travel, so check that first....If it is that new, it is probably not broken-in. Use it to stop from moderate speeds at least a couple dozen times without the front brake, first at moderate pressures, then at increasing pressures. This is VERY important to avoid glazing the shoes.

    If it still won't lock up in dirt from 10 mph after that, you will need to pull the wheel and look at the shoes to see if there is really uneven wear....sometimes the shoes can be mis-aligned to the drum.

    If you don't see any uneven wear, sand the shoes with 320 grit, using a block of wood carefully held parallel, just to the point of taking the sheen (glaze) off (probably only a dozen strokes), and start over.
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    ^^^^ I did similar on both my TWs though dont know if I was that precise. Neither bikes rear brakes would lock no matter how hard I stomped on it. So I started adjusting until a good amount of pressure would make it lock. By good amount I mean more than I would ever use in "normal" riding.
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    Like said above, front brake does 80% of your braking due to most of the weight is transfered to the front while braking. I hardly ever us my rear brake. Only as added braking in "Panic" oh crap, I ain't stopping situations. I use it more to lock rear wheel to slide into turns while riding agressive in the dirt. Mine locks up pretty easy when I need it to. You should get use to using your front brake if you really want to stop.
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