2015 tw 200
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Thread: 2015 tw 200

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    2015 tw 200

    Well folks, I picked up my youngest sons TW on Friday and have ridden it a few times. I must say, it produced many grins from me. I do find that the steering is a bit strange at low speed, ( I've not been over 25mph yet) but, I attribute it to the massive front tire. I have never had a bike that had such a big tire in relation to the amount of power that it has. Anyway, I can't post any pictures yet because my camera is on the fritz. I do have my first stupid question though( please bear with me as I am a newb). What the hell was Yamaha thinking when they forgot the kickstarter! Is the brownout voltage for the CDI so high that they figured if the starter wouldn't turnover that you shouldn't be able to ride this thing? I'm sure you guys have heard this countless times and I apologize beforehand for asking something that I should have known beforehand! Overall, I really dig this bike! (Is dig still acceptable these days?).

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    A lot of us has the kick starter thing fixed. You can get a kit and put one in. All mine, three of them have them. The one had it at birth, the other two being after 2000 had to have an implant.
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    My 2010 didn't have a kick starter and I felt just like you. I now have 10,500 miles in 5 years and have never yet been stranded...(knock on wood). I pay a LOT of attention to the battery's health and replace it every 4 years........ But I live in hilly territory and almost never encounter a stretch where I could not bump start it. Not like Louisiana!
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    As for your odd steering feeling, check the air pressure. A few pounds under inflated is noticeable because of the tire width.
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    I totally agree with pheloniius. check the tire pressure. I thought my steering was squirrely, and my suspension bouncy. Checked the pressure, and the dude we bought it from had it all jacked up. 28 in the front 36 in the rear. No wonder I was having issues...
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    I'd start out with 18 psi front and rear - some people run higher, some lower - but 18 psi is a good starting point.

    If you do a lot of trail riding, try taking it down a bit - For highway use, maybe up to 22 - but 18 all round is a good figure (180lb rider)
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    I definitely need a kick-starter too.
    Ran the battery flat recently and have been too lazy to charge it again properly and I do very short distances so it's been moody ever since.

    It's so light though so I can just run-start her, and I do mean to actually charge the battery at some point.
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    Finally picked up a Tdub...

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    You are one cool cat with a TDub and all the chicks will dig you. Fo' sho' bro !

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    I haven't tried a bump start yet, but I may give it a shot( I'm about to turn 60, so my feet aren't as fleet as they used to be). As far as tire pressure goes, I had checked the front and it was at 21psi. It's just that I'm not used to riding an off-road type of bike with that heavy of a front tire. Also, Munchmeister, I think the only thing chicks will dig for me now days is a hole in which to bury me. Thanks for the input guys.

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    I had to bump start mine once. I was off road in dirt/gravel and it was still easy. So I don't feel the need for a kick start in my case. I'm not doing crazy technical off roading.
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