Questions about the TW
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Thread: Questions about the TW

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    Questions about the TW

    So I recently bought a new TW, about 2 weeks ago. As an experienced long term rider (almost 40 years) who just stepped off a Yamaha FZ1, I am finding it to be a lot of fun. I am riding it almost everyday after work which I never did with my previous bikes, and go out in the garage at night to sit and look at it. Crazy I know. Takes me back to the bikes of my youth I suppose.... ha ha, I forgot how bad carburetors suck until everything is fully warmed up.

    Anyhow I have a couple of questions.

    The TW seems very stabile at speed on gravel roads... more so that my old DRS or WR were. Is this little bike really particularly stabile on gravel, or is it just that the top speeds are so slow it seems that way?

    Are the little forks prone to bending? They look pretty spindly.
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    I haven't noticed that the TW is more stable on gravel than other DP bikes. Maybe it's the light weight and low seat height that makes it feel that way. The only way you are going to bend the forks is running into something. Regular offroading and street riding will be no problem for them. Welcome to the forum.
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    Not an expert but I was thinking the lack of HP keeps the bike from fish tailing when accelerating and the width and diameter of the front tire make it more stable when braking than say a skinny 21 in front tire.
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    It's because you're half a foot closer to the ground. The instinctive corrections are cut in half. I love this little bike too. I loved (and cursed) my XR400s. If you're getting older, this bike makes you feel younger. To me where it really shines is in the woods where there are no trails. Just wish it had a few more ponies under the hood, but then I would probably get into more trouble.
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    The FZ1 is a great bike, but it always seems like a big undertaking to go for a ride on a bike like that. I mean it seems like a waste to zip to the store down 25-35 MPH roads on such a monster bike. Your shooting flies with a cannon. The TW, on the other hand, just begs for any kind of under 55 jaunt. No muss, no fuss, and qwerky good fun.
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    I think its a low seat. Wide tires help too. I noticed right off the bat how stable it feels.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TWilight View Post
    Welder, where in the PNW are you? The inquiring members of the World Famous Washington State TW Riders Conglomerate want to know
    Welder, do not tell him where you live! That group of guy's are no conglomerate. They are a cult. Once they find you they will offer to meet you then buy you lunch somewhere close to where you live. Seems harmless at first, just a couple of friendly guy's with similar bikes. After awhile though they will tell you you are "out of uniform" and encourage/persuade you to wear their "hickory shirt" and suspenders. After that it will be " Here man try this giant apple". When the drug's wear off from that apple you will find yourself in a KOA cabin in Moab with the rest of the crazzies! God only knows what happens after that. The ending to the story has not yet been written.

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    "Is this little bike really particularly stable on gravel",

    Depends on the depth of the gravel. I've got a gravel road out by my place. When it's recently graded with loose gravel, it swiggles a lot. (BTW, swiggle, swiggles, swiggled is my new definition for "hang on"). When gravel road hasn't been graded in a while, lot more stable as the gravel gets pushed toward the center or side of the road.

    Also, the "stable" feeling will vary from rider to rider. What may be stable to me, might be someone else's nightmare!
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    Stable riding is not fun. You get a lot of horse shit on your bike from riding in stables.

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    I live and work in Grays Harbor County, WA - haha, wearing suspenders right now.

    Sponge - "shooting flies with a cannon" is exactly the feeling, that FZ1 was a like riding a cruise missile. I had it for 2 years and REALLY liked it, but found it hard to use anywhere near its potential in this part of the country.
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