Saddle bags or top trunk or both?
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Thread: Saddle bags or top trunk or both?

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    Saddle bags or top trunk or both?

    I am new to the TW and looking forward to some trail riding. Just wondering what type of bags pr trunk get the thumbs up. Other rides are SV650 Kawasaki Nomad I'm getting older selling the SV and getting ready to carry the TW on the back of a 5th wheel. Will be snow birding next year. I live in the redwood forest ND Have plenty of trails, but I want to carry gas and tools. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Soft saddlebags would be my choice. Trunk raises your center of gravity, hard bags can break a leg in a fall. Like they did mine in 2010.
    Trunk also inhibits how far back you can hike your butt on a STEEP downhill.

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    I just follow Mike (TWilight) because he carries everything I may need ::::::chuckle:::::

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    I've been experimenting with taking two identical backpacks and connecting them togeather with their straps folded and fastened in such a way as they look like saddle bags. I bolted the straps togeather tighten enough to create a "pucker pocket" we're the bolt is so as not to come in contact with the saddle. I didn't cut the straps in any manner so they could still be used as backpacks if the need arises. Then I applied a generous amount of duct tape. Choose a tape color that matches the backpacks you have chosen. I now have so much cargo space with the packs I don't know what I'll put on the rack. I suppose I can bring something back from my rides.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TWilight View Post
    SanDue, have you tried to bring your bikes right side up, or are you doing something to the engine cases....that the bikes are both upside down? Look at your avatar
    Welcome to the forum Jerry. Twilite bumped his head yesterday,blood and everything. Sutured his own head and now he is seeing things upside down. Thanks for the heads up TWilite. No pun intended. Dirts a Flyen. SanDue
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    Jerry, Welcome to the forum, I would suggest gathering the stuff that you plan on taking on your rides and purchase the smallest bags/boxes (Which ever you choose) you can to fit your stuff. I have a mini tank bag for small items that stays on my TW, then for trail riding or day rides I use a backpack that has a few essentials in it and it actually rests on the seat when I am seated. It is still light enough and has enough securing points that it does not flop around when I stand. For longer or more adventurous rides I add my cyclerack with a basket and panniers.
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    my box fits all the way on my rack too. how far back is limited by my arms(not gorilla-like). you could also switch and use whatever is good at the time. I would also use a large dri-bag and soft saddle bags in place of the box.
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    The bump on the head and the lightning has effected him, just act like he is normal...
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