Who rides in the winter?
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Thread: Who rides in the winter?

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    Who rides in the winter?

    I've seen a couple of videos of people riding their TW200 in the snow, which is awesome. I ride 365, no matter the weather, and really hope the TW200 is one of those that can be ridden all year long!

    Just curious how many of you guys ride in the wintertime? Is there any special prep you do to your bike to keep it happy in the cold?

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    I have ridden 365, but never in North Dakota. Noryhern California and Western Washington only. A good windshield is the only thing that kept me riding, and I haven't found one for the TW yet, so it isn't going to be a 365 bike.

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    Some ride a lot in wintertime and are well equiped with the right gear. I'll play a bit trail-biking at slow speeds for short distances. One or two inches of early season snow before things get icy can be a blast off-road, especially if you are the first one down the trail on virgin snow. Late spring snowbanks like I would encounter now are more of a challenge and a major reason why I got an ATV tire I can air down significantly.
    Cold weather bike prep can include lower viscosity oils, richer jetting, silicone spray barrier to fight road salt and of course plugging in any heated grips, vests, etc.
    ''Tis too early to get excited about winter riding, rather I am getting pumped about anticipated 80 degree summer riding.
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    Heated grips!
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    My t dub only gets ridden in the winter. I work offshore in the summer, so I leave ice screws on the tires. Conditions in Girdwood are often super icy on the roads. It's a blast to ride it. Definately dress with lots of plastic. Sidi crossfires etc. Car drivers actually see me in the winter, can't say the same for summer riding.... The bike has changed a bit since this pic, but this is the only one I have on the boat.
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