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Thread: She got back on

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    She got back on

    Some of you know and Ill go over it briefly if not, I got a couple of TWs so my girlfriend and I could do a little adventure riding. Well 10 minutes after getting on hers for the first time she fell over in my yard at a speed of 3 to 5 MPH. That fall in soft dirt gave her a tibial plateau fracture. That was over 3 months ago, a couple weeks ago the Doc gave her the go ahead to start putting weight on it. For the most part she still uses one crutch but she does take short walks (20 feet from bedroom to bathroom) without a crutch. Her knee doesnt hurt, its the muscles in her leg that havent been used in 3 months that get real sore.

    Anyway, it was another beautiful day Saturday morning and she says..........."LETS RIDE" "I need some wind in my face" So I break out the sporty and we practice getting on and off. Her left leg is the bad one so she had to get on and off the right side, something neither one of us was used to. She grabs on to me A LOT more than she used to and does a lot more leaning than she used to so I just spread my legs out a little further and braced myself a little harder........................we can do this

    Gathered a few things, threw them in the backpack and off we went. Decided to take the backroads to a hotel around Macon that has a bar in the hotel (we dont drink and drive ). We both have this nasty habit of smoking, besides, I needed to check to see how she was doing so 45 min later I pull over. 2 thumbs up

    Next stop in Juliet at the whistle stop cafe (from the Fried Green Tomatoes movie)

    It was only about 100 miles but she was smiles the whole way. After settling in at the hotel we made our way to the bar. We had a long discussion on her plan to get back on her own bike. Oh yeah...............we had WAY to much to drink, enough that we participated in about 1/2 dozen karaoke songs.......even some duets. I took a video of her singing but am forbidden to share it haha.

    Sorry this had nothing to do with TWs
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    That is awesome man! so happy for both of you!
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    What do you mean this has nothing to do with TWs? She is healing from a minor crash that happened on a TW and we are all happy to see she is on her feet, doing well and ready to ride on any bike let alone her own TW.

    Great story and nice pics so just go have some fun and keep us posted on her recovery.

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    Yeah its loud but Im not obnoxious about it. Never blip the throttle and accelerate like a normal human They were too loud to start, I put some mini baffles in them to mellow it out some...........still loud though.
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    That Sporty is a good looking ride, and those two make a good looking couple. Nice story of recovery.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TWilight View Post
    Great story TWROG. Very happy to see that she is getting along so well, and wanting to ride.

    That Sporty must be a very loud bike, with those pipes on it.

    Just sayin'
    That's the exact same thing I was looking at.....................It "WILL" dry off the road for the back tire during a rain storm............. OMM.

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    Is she getting back on the TW?
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    Excellent to hear this!

    Back on the bike!


    As for the alcohol and karaoke... Been there. YES!

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    how did you get those big freakin tires on that bike?????
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    Glad to hear she's doing well and wanted to get out on your bike.

    I grew up in the juliette area and still go there often. There are some good TW, dirt and gravel roads in that area but they are best ridden in the Fall to Spring months, it's just too hot out there in the summer too gear up, it's like a rainforest without the rain, just the humidity and no wind.

    Where did y'all stay in Macon? We may have small group doing a Pine Mountain run on the 13th, not sure yet, it just came up Saturday.

    Anyway, I'm happy she is riding again and hopefully back on the TW soon but, not too soon.
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