Selling my TW, but not leaving the forum.....
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Thread: Selling my TW, but not leaving the forum.....

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    Selling my TW, but not leaving the forum.....

    So, after some long hard thought, I've decided to sell my 2009 TW. The bike is great, but I just need a little more. I ride with bigger bikes, so that's what I'm getting. I rode my brother inlaw's WR250R last weekend, and was sold. The guys I ride with all have WR's, DRZ's, and KTM's. I only bought the TW for it's low seat hight due to my bad back and right leg. Since I got it last year, my back and leg are getting better. I didn't think I'd be able to get my leg over these taller bikes, but last weekend, I was able to with little effort. And after I get the lowering link, and shave the seat, change angle on rear fender on the WR, I will be golden. Plus, after doing it for a while, it will get easier. So, this weekend, I will be listing my TW for sale. But since I will no longer have a TW, that doesn't mean I'm leaving this forum. I've made some good friends here, and will still ride with you guys. I just may not be here as much. Without the help of my TW, I would have Never been able to ride a taller bike. While on the WR, I hit a long set of big, deep Whoop de doo's that just kicked my ass on the TW. But the WR took them like a Cadillac, and the suspension wasn't even set up for me. It was smooth and effortless, which is much easier on my back. I spent 2 hours on it Saturday, and I fell in love. So, not sayin good bye, cuz I'm not going anywhere. I found a bike, so I'll price mine to sell. Most likely, I'll list it this weekend. This is a good thing. If I had the money, I would NOT sell it. I love the TW, but can't afford both.
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    Sorry to hear you are going to sell your TW. I wonder why they haven't done anything to improve the suspension on our little big tire bikes. Amazing to me that they haven't done that or made a larger size. Just sayin'.
    Tom in Wichita

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    Very good choice! I would have a WR250R if I could have found one for a reasonable price myself. My friends have KTM 250/350's, Honda 250's and Husky 310's. I want the Yamaha WR250R with Fuel Injection like the Husky. Plan on riding from the Owens Valley in CA up to 10,000+ in the Eastern Sierra's now and then. The TW200 will be a wonderful bike for that, but no FI available yet. My thought is keep the T-Dub if I eventually find a WR250R. It will be my camping/pit bike. Maybe the little guy will come in handy when others want to join the fun for the first time before buying something.

    Whoops are a breeze on any of those mentioned above. Just twist the throttle and float right through...

    Enjoy your new ride! I know you will be in permanent mode.
    TW200 "Little Brute" is gone - Waiting to see what 2016 brings (WR250R/CRF250 RALLY/KTM390/Africa Twin or E-bicycle?)

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    Hey Bra. I'm a great believer in proper tools for the job at hand. Very good to realize that. TW's
    are unexcelled as a re-entry, beginner or mellow trail bike. When you progress past that point it is much
    smarter to move on than try to make the TW something it's not. The only caveat being the TW's limitations
    can help one stay mellow. Every time I ride something more capable I find myself going much faster etc than
    my fragile body can deal with and it's a recipe for disaster. That whole thing about "writing checks my body can't cash".
    Been a tough learning curve for me anyway. This getting old crap ain't for sissys.
    Hopefully your in a different boat! Stay Cool.
    Tonto on the "Left Coast"
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    Quote Originally Posted by jtomelliott49 View Post
    I wonder why they haven't done anything to improve the suspension on our little big tire bikes.
    Amazing to me that they haven't done that or made a larger size. Just sayin'.
    Cuz they can sell all they make for a good price with zero investment for years. I think a little more HP and 6 speeds would be great. Maybe update some components, too. But would I pay $2,000 more for it? Probably not.

    I was thinking of the DR650 cuz they have a lowering kit. But it's another 100 pounds and doesn't have fat tires!
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    Stay close - see you on the trail ..............
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    Yeah, I rode my friend's DRZ400 and just to heavy up top. KTM's I didn't even try cuz they are to pricey, and are high maintenance. Don't want a DR cuz I prefer water cooled. Plus, the suspension, especially the front, is superior on the WR compared to the Suzuki's. The WR's weight feels low, making it feel very light while riding, and the power difference is huge. There are lowering links for most of the popular bikes that along with factory settings and the link, lowers bike around 2". The seat hight isn't an issue for me. It's all at the rear fender while throwing over my right leg to sit on it. Once I'm on the bike, I'm fine. So looking at the rear frame, seat and fender mount on my brother inlaw's WR, I can mod that easy. That rear fender does angle up to much at the end, looking funny to me anyway. So with a few hours worth of work, I can fit that bike to me pretty easy. I've been looking into this for a long time now. I just hope I can sell my bike in time before this WR I found is gone. Found a great deal for pretty much an even trade.
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    When in doubt, Gas It..!!!

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    Man, and after all that trouble I went to trading fork boots with you. :-p

    (just kidding of course)

    That WR is a TALL bike... hope it works out! I was gonna buy one once, but I couldn't get a leg over it at all... that's how I ended up with my KLX.
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    great choice...good luck...maybe find one that's street registered so you can ride the road as well
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    If Bob sets his WR up as nicely as his TW he will have a very fine machine. Speaking of which whoever buys Weloc's TW is going to get a very clean well set up bike.
    Nice to know we will still occasionally get the benefit of Werloc's extensive mechanical experience as his input here has been both informative and beneficial.
    The WR sounds like a good match for those riding companions...Go get em Bob!
    And should climbing aboard seem like a tall stretch then Bob can always get a block of wood on a rope. Step on the block like a stepladder, then once aboard pull block up with rope and hide it in tank bag before anyone notices and laughs.
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