Newbie Checking in from MI!
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Thread: Newbie Checking in from MI!

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    Wink Newbie Checking in from MI!

    I am new here, I am 26 with a wife and 2 children. I have no bike. I live in Michigan, YAY WINTERS nooo rust . I spent about 6 months researching on my car before I purchased it to give you insight as to why I'm here, and not owning a bike as of this moment. In all I have convinced my wife to allow us both to take the training courses, and after doing alot of research and over looking the tw200, I decided it will most likely be the bike for us as we are country bumpkins with woods all arounid

    The Big thing that really turned me away from interest in the TW200 was the 196cc... As I want a bike for general commuting ( 20 miles to work ) and some simple fun riding. I am 265lbs of a man and was worried about the get up and go, but after reading about 30 pages from the TW thread I am convinced it will work for my 55mph needs. I am also a complete beginner with riding motor bikes as well as my wife, she is convinced she wants a scooter but the riding class uses TW for learning so YAY!

    Sorry If there is a subforum I didnt spot for introductions, move as needed mods
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    I am about 270ibs and 55-60 MPH is about maximum on my bike. The rear tire is a fat, heavy ATV tire.
    I am about 5'10" or so and I feel a little cramped on the bike.
    Having said that I have had many dual sports and the TW200 is the work horse that I will never sell. I enjoy riding it and have made some mods to it that increase the fun factor.
    My wife loves this TW.
    If you outgrow it, you can always sell it and get much of your $$ back. Or keep it and get a bigger bike. The DR650 is a good alternative to a TW200 (at least for me).

    mine on a nearby farm road.

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    Welcome fellow michigander. My wife and I have had dubs for 9 years.. They are great for so many situations here. I'm 230 and have 0 issues with 55.. We do a lot of gravel road & two tracks in Da-Yooper.. We like the dubs so much that we pick them over our road bikes for any ride from less than 75 miles or so. Hard to beat such a fun well balanced bike for quick rides.. OMM.

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    Welcome to the forum! You will enjoy a TW in Michigan. I used to live in Springport. It's wonderful country out there. You will find this a great forum with lot's of helpful folks to answer any questions you might have.
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    Welcome LT! Glad to see another Michigander!

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    Welcome fellow Wolverine. For a first bike the TW200 is a good choice. I just sold my last XR400 and went back down to this.

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    Hi LTC.

    I am a new member as well and as such, don't really do the welcome thing.

    However, I have to commend you on your due diligence in terms of research.

    But really just have to tell you that your "moniker" made me giggle.

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    Greetings from NY!
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    Hello and welcome!

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    Handle bar risers and wider pegs will do a lot for bigger riders....then seat mods.....then rear never ends......

    Welcome to the madness.
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