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Thread: Switch panel?

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    Switch panel?

    Anybody fabbed up a switch panel for the TW? Like for an aux light or two?

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    Why not eliminate the idiot lights and put it there? The three lights to the right of the speedo. Great place for a roll of toggles.

    High beam indicator, Look at the switch position on the left bar.
    Turn indicator, I can see the front signals while seated.
    Neutral indicator, Rock the bike back and forth.
    Yep, I don't need them.

    I have a garrage door opener in mine with a momentary switch mounted on the side. It still has the lights in it. I haven't figured out anything else I want on the bike. So, I've not pulled the lights.
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    Anyone need a Farkle Bar?
    Go like hell, You'll get there quicker!

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    Here is a pic of my setup. Left switch is a on/off switch for the low beam. Middle switch is is the on/off for the relay switch for the led running lights and the far right swith is a 3 way switch for the heated grips. up is high middle is off and down is low.

    Here is a link to my install https://tw200forum.com/forum/performa...r-install.html

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    If i was to do it again i would probably use one of the cyclops led bulbs but they werent out when i did mine. Here are some night time photo comparisons to show the difference.

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