Finally started wearing a helmet...but need advice....
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Thread: Finally started wearing a helmet...but need advice....

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    Finally started wearing a helmet...but need advice....

    Yes, heavy and hot....but after too many close calls decided to safety up....

    Thinking of going with a Bluetooth device as I have to be able to hear my phone(majority of my riding is work related, and I must have a quick reaction time to any problems)....

    Any advice?
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    Sena SMH20. I just upgrade to this one, as I had the '10' model and loved it.
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    Some good sales now at Cyclegear. Might check online and look.
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    Jeez....they are spendy....might have to rethink....that would really cut into my mantoy budget....

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    I can no longer recommend SENA. I'm gonna be ditching mine in favor of the newest Scala unit. I bought a second SMH-10 so I'd have a spare for long trips when the 8-hour battery wasn't long enough; pop the other one on and keep going, then recharge both at night. So the new one arrives and it didn't have the latest firmware. So I went to update it. It got 6% and quit, bricking the device.

    After TEN DAYS of going back and forth with Sena tech support, they finally gave in and agreed to take it back for replacement. Then took another week to get the prepaid label they said they were sending. A week after that, I got it back.

    So it was back, and was the latest. Good. Now let's update my current one so they'll match. It got... wait for it... 3% in and bricked. WTF? I've updated units before on this computer and never had a problem. Clearly their update software is terrible.

    Again, file a support ticket. Four days later, they answer. Same routine. A few days after that, they agree to take it back. So now it's off getting replaced too.

    Bottom line... between being unable to reliably update coupled with pretty awful customer service response times, I'm done with 'em.

    PS: I just did a firmware update on my Garmin Montana 600 a few minutes ago; worked just fine.
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    Thanks RobG for your input!!!!

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    I have the same trouble. My solution, stop and take the call. I facilitate this by using a flip face helmet and or speaker phone.
    Anyone that calls me knows I often don't answer but will most always call back. I often have "no signal" or am too busy riding to take a call
    anyway. I am too cheap to buy a bluetooth esp since they require a signal too. I have also pretty much switched to texting which is darn near impossible whilst
    riding for me.
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    You can also go with earphones or with speakers that mount inside the helmet and connect with a cord to the phone. WAY less expensive than a bluetooth helmet and work just as well.

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