All choked up
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Thread: All choked up

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    All choked up

    Two part question...
    1) How long do you guys typically leave your bikes on choke to warm up?

    2) Do you do anything special for cold-weather riding (is the TW cold-natured)?
    This may seem a bit premature to ask, but my bikes live outside, but I am thinking about buying a shed so I will have someplace to shelter them this winter. Just curious if that will make a difference in how the bike reacts in the winter or not.
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    It's your baby, get it a shed. If you have adjusted the air/fuel screw out from the factory setting right, they start in warm weather without the choke or almost. The colder it gets, the longer you have to keep the choke out, that's all. Maybe a twist of the throttle, full choke and start, move it to half way as soon as you can. If it's real cold, you have to have the full choke on longer and also at the halfway choke, then as soon as you can, shut off the choke and ride away. Take it slow for the first couple blocks, then it's go time!!
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    Just a few minutes on choke is sufficient. I'd get the shed if you have the means, it's not good to leave it out in the weather.
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    I start and idle the bike on full choke for about 30 seconds and then put it on half choke for another 30 seconds while I bluetooth my phone to GPS. The ride down my street is about 200 yards to the main road. Once I pull out and get up to 5th gear, I push the knob in for the duration of the ride. This usually works good even when it's cold. When it's colder like mid 30's, sometimes I warm the bike up for 2 minutes or so and shut it off while I get my riding gear on inside the house. Then it's usually good to go without more choking.

    I will never leave any bike running unattended for more than a minute.
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    Well it's pretty warm here and I already pulled the brass plug and set the screw to 2-1/2 out. But, I still start on full choke. After a min. or two I go to half choke. If I can blip the throttle I ride off and turn off the choke in a couple of blocks. Still not acceptable.
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