Pictures worth a 1000 words
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Thread: Pictures worth a 1000 words

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    Pictures worth a 1000 words

    Seen this photo posted and had to ask myself if this is an example of
    where a full face helmet might have proved advantageous. But I wasn't there.
    Not being critical just observant.

    nd finally.....the one where the mean old BUSH got the better of Randall.

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    Full face +1, check out facesofdeath, people who don't where helmets are crazy esp in busy areas. Helmets have saved me more then once. I was run over in 98 and the guy hit me and threw me into a van in front of me. I had a full face on and when all done I walked away but helmet was all banged up in the front.
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    Down here a lot of folks just wear a baseball cap! Funny I don't remember seeing any of them with a DOT or Snell sticker.

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    OK, first the funnys. Looks like you need some lessons from Tammy Fay Baker on applying make up. I do like the color of the mascara though. It matches your eyes.

    Second. You need to get a visor and some decent goggles. Looks like you could have been just fractions of an inch from losing an eye. You know the saying,'s all fun and games until someone loses an eye, ....then it's freaking hilarious. Seriously, that's why I wear a full face, with hard point attached visor and good goggles.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TWilight View Post
    Will, that is a good point, and on a serious note, Randall wears a size 6XL, and those are very hard to any helmet...let alone a full faced helmet. The one I wear off-road is an Arai 3/4 face, with the built-in flipdown/up face shield. I keep the face shield down 93.14159 % of the time on trails like this, as it keeps the dust out of my face.

    On a funny note...I know exactly the mean old bush that attacked Randall, as I looked at that same bush twice on that trail....on my way UP that trail, and on my way back down that trail, thinking....oh, I would hate to run into THAT bush. It was a light silvery colored bush, with very bright Red bulbous heads at the end of each branch, and thorns the size of your little finger. I LOOKED like an Attack Bush.
    I thought him wearing a 6XL helmet was a joke.
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    They are like deer Randal, they run right out in front of you when you least expect it.

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    I always wear a full face and wear polarized glasses underneath. I find the amber color are great for driving, and fishing

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    Quote Originally Posted by TWilight View Post
    That must be one of those New York state APPLE trees that Dryden-Tdub keeps telling us about. Hey....where are all the apples ?
    And it looks like this Apple Tree is trying to run away from New York....someone back there must have neutered this tree.
    It is now making a run for Washington state, where we will allow it to regrow some....(wait for it).....low hanging fruit.

    Sorry Tom, couldn't help myself, and you can only blame it on Jim for posting a picture of one of those New York apple trees.

    I guess I don't know what apple trees are like where you're at, but that is clearly a picture of my Ex-wife. Her complexion has NOT changed for the better either. Hair still looks the same though.

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    I always wear a helmet, gloves, riding jacket, boots, and Kevlar jeans. My thought process: I would rather break an arm than be a road pizza.
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    Full face with shield. Better than getting hit in the face by a bug or stone at 50-60mph. That can ruin your whole day.

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