You Guys (Gals) Make It Hard
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Thread: You Guys (Gals) Make It Hard

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    You Guys (Gals) Make It Hard

    Not sure if this is the correct spot for this. If not, could someone kindly move it.

    And before someone goes somewhere else, make it hard to view site at work.

    I just wanted to make a public Thank You.

    There are quite a bunch of colorful characters (some almost mentally twisted ) here and it makes my morning, day, night, etc. when my eyes roll across a line of text and out of nowhere, some obscure word or phrase pops up and I either just scratch my head, giggle, or completely lose it and laugh out loud.

    And I am still blown away by all the kindness and caring that is constantly represented by the membership.

    What a wonderful place. So glad to have found you all.

    Only problem, sometimes it's too much. When I bust out gigglin' from behind the screen, the guys know that I am not being productive.

    Makes my day!

    Thank You Once Again.
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    yup, it is a pretty fun and informative space
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    All true! m.
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    Jeff, you know we love having you here too!! Hope you are having a great day at work!!! (while the rest of us kick back and laugh and read posts without the fear of getting busted by the boss!! )
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