Cooking with you TW
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Thread: Cooking with you TW

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    Cooking with you TW

    Works good for warming up soup or cooking hotdogs if you have nothing else to use..

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    mmm... mmm... chili dogs!!
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    I prefer to stop and build a small fire. And you can cook more on it.
    Ghengis Kahns' mongols used to sit on a steak while on horseback to tenderize it and cook it with the heat from their butt and the horses back.
    Perhaps that was the beginning of steak tartar.
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    For about $30.00 you can purchase a 12 volt lunch box oven from Pilot or Loves truck stop stores. The oven will warm or cook your food at 300 degrees. We purchase inexpensive tin foil pans at the market that fit inside the lunch box oven. This way we have hot food and little clean up while on our trips.
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    We used to wrap up stuff in multiple payers of aluminum foil and lay it over the car's engine block on a long trip and it would all be cooked just fine when we got where we were going. That block is up to 700 degrees in areas, but stays just right for cooking at the top beneath the hood.
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    Really, come on guys, I know a place just up ahead.....on me..

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