So I tried on a new helmet yesterday and...
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Thread: So I tried on a new helmet yesterday and...

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    So I tried on a new helmet yesterday and...

    I was on my route yesterday and my handheld crashed so I had some time to kill while it rebooted. There was a MX store next to the store I was delivering to so I went in there to look at helmets, as my beloved flat black Icon is falling apart and I'm getting tired of super gluing it back together. They had basically the same helmet only new, in my Kong (XXXL) size, and it fit beautifully. To top it off, my regular glasses, which are wide, fit inside it perfect. They don't fit in my current icon helmet so either I ride with my prescription sunglasses on, or with no glasses, which is ok in the daytime but tough at night. The price tag said $190 so I looked for same helmet on Ebay, and found ones with some awesome graphics. Here's a link:

    Fast Shipping Icon Airmada All Graphics Motorcycle Helmet | eBay

    The ones with graphics are generally more expensive but I saw some for around $180 discounted. The regular flat black one I think I saw as low as $150.
    Greg from Glenville

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    That is a nice style helmet. I like the ones without the skulls, demons and death.
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    Same here....... ^^^^^^^^^ Blue for me peeeeeeeeeeze.. OMM.
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    so you gotta buy size(s) larger to get these to fit right??
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    I too have a hard time finding helmets that fit. My last one cost me 8000 as it came with an Polaris ace. It is a 5X. If any of you know where I can get a 6X that would be great.
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