Motorcycle batteries
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Thread: Motorcycle batteries

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    Motorcycle batteries

    Why is it that NOWHERE on the internet can I find a site that will translate the letter designations on motorcycle batteries?
    Like AZT12SBS. What does AZT mean? The 12 is most likely 12 volts, then what does SBS mean?
    I think the SBS means sonofabitch sucks.

    Or how about PTX-BS? I don't know what the PTX tells but the BS is obviously meaning bullshit.

    These are two different batteries supposedly for my Honda 750.
    How is the customer supposed to know what he is buying?
    It's as if the battery manufacturers don't want the customer to know how to identify a battery.
    I have looked all over the internet and none of the battery wizards will tell.

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    Thankyou TWlight. How did you come by this secret info that I could not find anywhere else?

    BTW I too used to live in the Pacific northwet. In Pot Townsend for about 9 years to be exact. Although about 5 or 6 years in years in Seattle too
    And years ago about 6 years in Astoria Oregon, and a couple of years in Ilwaco, Washington.
    All great motorcycling area if you can tolerate rain, snow, fog, and black ice, Oh and sun during the two day drought each year.
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    You need to re-read TWilights last sentence
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    Just basically look at the physical size of the battery to see if it will fit in your battery compartment, and the CCA capacity of the battery to see if it is large enough to start and run the bike. Most motorcycle batteries are sealed AGM's so they won't leak acid if you dump the bike over, that's a safety issue, although now you can find smaller, lighter, and more expensive, lithium batteries.
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