DIY LED turn indicator
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Thread: DIY LED turn indicator

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    DIY LED turn indicator

    Well, this will likely be great in the bright sunshine but I think it would fry the retinas right out of my eyebulbs at night.
    Perhaps I should just work on remembering to cancel my signals.


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    put a piece of tape over it! it's hurting my eyes in the picture

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    I'd stay away from any airports with that bulb in might be accused of shooting planes with a laser!

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    I Replaced Mine Too

    Ken, I don't know what LED you used, or how much you enhanced the photo , but all joking aside (that's a lot to ask, isn't it?), a year ago I replaced the signal and neutral indicator bulbs on our two TW's with these LED's (12 V, green, 32°) after reading a thread somewhere on here. They're pretty visible during the day and not a problem at night. You do see the neutral light flash for an instant going between first and second but that's not a problem either. The bright light does help one remember to cancel the signal, though my wife can still forget sometimes, during the day. (So can I occasionally.) I did NOT replace the high beam indicator, as that's on much more at night and I expected it would be a problem if it were so bright.
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