Cats, Dogs - and it's raining ........
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Thread: Cats, Dogs - and it's raining ........

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    Cats, Dogs - and it's raining ........

    Been a “troubled” 7 days here – first up, a Doberman gets into my front garden and mauls my cat (saw it happen and pulled it off together with the dogs owner). Frantic dash to the vets, got the cat back home 4 days later, un-dislocated fracture of pelvis, torn ligaments, last vertebra twisted by 5 degrees (could have been worse – she started out in an oxygen tent) – currently at home on cage rest.

    Getting ready to move house in two weeks – cleaners, decorators, removal people – absolute chaos. Had to cancel the holiday in Cornwall in 3 weeks time – cat is still going to be caged and will need attending to.

    So, this afternoon, during a break in the torrential rain, I took a big box of bits, and rode the TW to the shop – tapered steering head bearings, rear tire and tube, X ring chain and both sprockets (together with gasket, seals, and a new set of rear tabs) – let them have the grief, I’ve got enough of my own to contend with. (With everything else going on right now I just couldn’t face it – I know – cop out).

    It was just good to be out on the TW, even on a short 8 mile run – no phone – no visitors – no vets – no grief - just me and the TW wrestling with each other for control round the bends.

    Felt kinda nice – “normal”.

    Gonna be a bitch when she’s running straight again ………
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    Sorry about your cat bro...
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    Nothing like motorcycling to escape the moment and let the mind focus on priorities and renew convictions. Good luck with cat and move.
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    Sorry to hear about the cat attack adding to the already hectic time. No cop-out to have someone else work on the TW. Save tinkering time for you when you get settled.

    Could you spare some rain? Out here in the western U.S. it's been pretty dry with wildfires raging in a lot of the different States.

    Take care and hope you're cat is back on it's feet (paws) in no time!
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    Is the Dobie still alive? If so, why? The Dobie came onto your property to do violence. If the owner isn't willing to control where his violent dog goes, he shouldn't have one.
    The dogs behavior is due to lack of proper training therefore the owner is responsible but that doesn't make the dog less dangerous.
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    The Doberman lives — mostly because the owner pulled it away a split second before I got there — otherwise, well, it wouldn’t have survived the encounter — I was pretty ramped up. Young dog, near enough full size, got away from the guy walking it (which shouldn’t have happened). Must have seen the cat and yanked the lead away — a lesson there for anyone owning a dog. Never trust training over instincts. Ultimately it’s the owners responsibility to keep hold of the lead.

    Mixed emotions over this whole episode, really pissed off the cat was minding her own business on her own “turf” when it happened — maybe that’s a human emotion — but it’s the one I’m still struggling with …….

    Tell ya what Admiral — I’ll swap some rain for a radar controlled “mini-gun” on our new property — you know the ones I mean — I believe they are referred to as “Metal Storm” — none on Ebay at the moment, but I’m sure someone could ship as “Tractor Parts” ……

    Fred — “Nothing like motorcycling to escape the moment and let the mind focus on priorities and renew convictions” — guess that’s it — and why we do it ……

    Thanks for “sharing” this with me guys — guess I just needed to vent a little ………
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    sorry to hear of your feline friend. it's hard when a family member is hurt, especially by someone else.
    dog is lucky to be still walking in my book.


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    If the Doberman didn't die from me choking the life out of him he would surly die from lead poisoning! I feel safe in saying the owner would likely have some medical bills for himself as well as all the ones from the vet. I don't have many stray dogs around here but Coyotes are the same when it comes to cats and many have died right here in my yard. Your cat is lucky to be alive although I suspect he does not feel that way right around now. I do hope you reported this attack to the local authorities because this dog will certainly do it again and the owner should be held fully responsible for this and all future incidents. BTW, I would not trust that dog around any young children as he is a menus to society.

    Sorry for all your troubles and just looking on the bright side, things can't get much worse.

    As for the TW being sent in for work I fully agree with what you are doing given the circumstances and all that is on your plate. That said, do be very diligent when you pick the bike up and inspect every thing on the bike before you ride away. Good mechanics are hard to find but there are plenty of idiots masquerading as mechanics and working at a lot of shops. I do 95% of all my own work for exactly this reason.

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    Yeah if some dog did that to my cat, the dog would be at the glue factory. And the owner would be sued. My cat is THE coolest cat ever so there.

    Sorry for your poor cat.. I hope he/she heals quickly.
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    Sorry to hear about your kitty! Hope you got the dog owner's info so you can send him the vet bill, he's FULLY liable for the injuries.
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