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    New Member & TW Owner

    Hi All-

    Just wanted to say how helpful this forum was while deciding whether or not to buy this bike. Just picked up my '15 TW200. Haven't ridden a bike in 20 years...perhaps a midlife crisis but who cares. I do a lot of fly fishing in NorCal and this seems like the perfect companion.

    Any recommendations on maintenance items I should pay attention to as I break her in would be great.

    Thanks guys and gals.

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    Welcome to the cruise ……

    Other than the usual 500 to 600 mile oil changes all you need to do is to ride it. Re-fill with “dino” oil for the first couple of thousand miles, then you can decide to switch to synthetic if you want to.

    During those first few changes expect some “swarf” in the filter – these things are like Kawasaki’s in that respect – but the oil filter is re-useable, so a quick flush and you’re ready to go again.

    Just spend the first 1000 miles getting used to each other, and keep reading the forum as you go – plenty of time to draw up a shortlist of what you need, want, or would like to see on her ………
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    Welcome to the forum!

    Change the oil often during your break in period. Oil is cheap and your bike will reward you with many miles if you do this. For instance, change at 50miles, 150, 300, 500, 800, 1200 etc. Once you reach 2000, you can change to synthetic oil if you desire. The filter is washable and can be used again.
    Lots of good folks here, so ask any questions you may have and we'll try to help. You do have some riders in your area and folks who would help you if needed.
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    Hello and welcome!

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    A magnetic drain plug will help pickup stuff during breakin, I would put 1 in after first oil change.

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    Congrats on the new bike and welcome to the forum!

    What part of the bay area are you in? There is a good group of us nearby that have gotten together for some fun rides. Also, let us know if you need any help with any mods or maintenance that you want to do.

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    Do your first oil change at 50 miles.....yes, that's right, FIFTY miles. When you clean the filter you will understand why. Then at 250, 500 and 1,000. By then you should see hardly any metal. Go to full synthetic at 2,000, then twice yearly or 2,000 from then on. It will last the rest of your life!

    Oh, and get rid of the Death Wing if you do much dirt. I love taking my Fat Girl fishing!
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    Thanks all for the welcome. Appreciate everyone's tips, this is great. I live in the Walnut Creek area TW-Brian...keep me posted on any group outings.

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    Buy hand guards! One fall with no spare clutch lever and you will be buying them the next week anyway. It is hard to ride off road with no clutch! Super low maintenance bikes.

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    Congrats, I guarantee that this is a cheaper mid-life ride than the young blond alternative.
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