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Thread: New 1996 TW200 Owner

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    New 1996 TW200 Owner

    Hello Everyone,

    I just picked up a 1996 TW200 with 3500 miles on it with a 500# rated hitch carrier. I wanted a run about to put on the back of my van. This one popped up on Craig's list and I jumped on it. Everything seems to be in great shape except the blinkers light up, but do not blink, some add-ons need deleted and the kill switch is missing. I look forward to learning and sharing. I will say the Hollow Mod is a must. I have fallen in love with a few I have seen on here. I also would like to make it as light as possible. Live in the Phoenix area and would like to meet up with other TW200 owners. I am not planning on riding on street so can haul it for show and tell. Few questions:

    1. Anyone know why blinkers light up but do not blink?

    2. Where is the best place to get a new kill switch?

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    1996 TW200

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    I can welcome you to the forum. However, I'm not handy with bikes, I let the dealer get their hands dirty when I have issues, which I haven't yet (2014 with 1600 miles). That and I have little time to fuss with things.
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    Greg from Glenville

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    "WELCOME" to the crazy world of Dubs.. Your non flashing blinker could be just a bad bulb.. Switch sides from left to right and see if the problem follows the bulb.. If not you will need to look a little closer.. I've owned our T-dubs for 9 years.. My wife and I just love them..
    Go nuts and do what ever you want.. OMM.
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    Welcome, this is a great forum, full of help and great people. First thing I would do is download the service manual.
    that should help you sort electrical and mod possibilities.
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    Hello and welcome!

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    Hi Tex.

    More info on the blinkers.

    The front blinkers stay on as running lights. This is not what you are experiencing, is it? What is the dash indicator doing?

    My '96 encountered a problem where the blinkers would not blink on one side. Thinking a bad bulb, I swapped the the bulbs around. The problem followed the bulbs. ; then it didn't. Back to the same side that initially had the problem.

    After downloading schematics, swapping blinker wiring, tracing and wiggling wires to no avail, I tore into the blinker itself.

    What "I" found on mine was where the wire goes into the stem of blinker, the wires are attached to a little disc inside the bulb socket cup. Pushing the disc up and out of socket cup, there was a bit of dirt/tarnish/something that was in there and that disc wasn't making good contact. I roughed it up with a screwdriver such thing and put it back together. Still all good.

    Bad grounds and electrical gremlins are a bane to me.

    Good luck to you.

    Stock paint?
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    Are you missing the whole kill switch and starter switch?

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    Thanks for the warm welcome. Super excited about my bike.


    Thanks for the info. I plan on tearing into it tomorrow. I will check that out first. When I hit the blinkers, the lights get brighter but do not blink.


    The starter is there, but the off switch is missing.


    I am in love with the Hollow mod. I am thinking of taking plastic off tomorrow.
    1996 TW200

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    Greetings from NY!
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