Happy days returned
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Thread: Happy days returned

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    Happy days returned

    Yesterday, I bought a new 2014 xt250 and rode it home 125 miles from the dealer, time will tell how it compares to the TW. I took out on the interstate for a few miles and got it up to 75 mph but it did not handle that great at that speed, it is good on the 55 mph highways and gravel roads. I don,t know how it will do on the tough trails where the TW has proven itself. The XT gave me 74 mpg on the way home. It is a much better bike than the Honda rebel 250 that I previously had and also has more power than the TW.
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    I blew up my engine on my 2005 earlier this year and my wife found a new TW for me. When she asked me if the TW is really what I wanted, I did hesitate for just a second thinking of the XT250. I just couldn't do it though and got the TW.

    When I bought my first TW the XT was still 225 and I didn't think the slightly more cost was worth the extra 25cc. This time I have no excuse like that. I've just plain fallen in love with the TW. I feel guilty when I ride one of my son's KTM. Loyal to the TW I guess.

    Hope the TW fills the gap between the TW and Rebel for you.

    Take care.
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