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    Thought you guys might want to check out this site for CASES....

    I've ordered the Hurricane SE300 and will let you know what I think of it.

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    I need something for my Tw so I can carry my AR
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    I have a set of the se720 cases I just bought to put on my Buell Ulysses. My friend has a set on his v-strom that have been very tough, dropped on them many times. The last time we went his locking mechanism failed on one and it got tossed in a ditch at 35 or so. Held up fine.

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    That is a very interesting site because they make plastic cases similar to what I have used. I am extremely pleased with them.

    The grey case as a top box is a Storm case = cheaper version of a Pelican & not quite as tough. I had my lap top in it on that trip of 5000 km. When it rained everything was safe; most of the trip was dusty gravel roads & everything in there was dust free.

    The little yellow case above the tank is an Otter box but Northstar make an almost identical one. I have my camera in there. Very convenient as I can get it out without stopping the bike or taking my gloves off. Water & dustproof. I have a small Canon G10. That case is too small for a SLR but Northwest make a variety of different cases.

    I also have a BMW Dakar & use similar Storm cases for the side panniers. Bit smaller than the top box shown above which fits both bikes. They don't look as good as regular panniers but work extremely well. If they were black they may have looked better.

    I also have a small Pelican box on the tank for my camera - it was too big for the TW so I got the Otter box.

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    Look for used/surplus cases on CL or eB*y. I bought three matching hard cases on eB*y. They were military surplus cases used for night vision goggles. I had the exact same case on my patrol boat in the Persian Gulf in 2003. I bought one to check it out and it fits the Cyclerack perfectly as a top case. I went back to the same vendor and bought two more to use as panniers. They're made by SKB and nearly identical to a Pelicann or Storm case. Very rugged with an o-ring, padlock rings and pressure vent. I paid $25 each for them.
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