Tw200 kid sister the vstar 250 from Yamaha
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    Tw200 kid sister the vstar 250 from Yamaha

    Test rode this pretty little thing yesterday and was pleasantly surprised! Nice sound adequate power and smooth ride! No need to avoid potholes lol. Very comfortable seat and nicely geared, but mostly very very pretty!

    It's a 2013 with 1100 miles on it they want $2600 for it, and I was thinking what a great Christmas present for a woman that doesn't ride yet? Seems like it's nicely designed and well made. Anyone have any girl bikes for beginners they have experience with? Or experience with one of these?

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    Girlfriend started on a Suzukin GN125, she loved it.
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    Honda Rebel might be ok also. They have low seating.
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    Convinced me. Sounds like you're convinced. Now all you have to do is convince that woman that doesn't ride yet....

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    Trust me that's a good price for an 13........... That's the same bike my wife has.. "EVEN" the color.....She is luvin' it.. Goes right down the road, keeps up with my trump.. OMM. P.S. 82 / 88 mpg...

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