Billet Machine Tank Badges for our TW's
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Thread: Billet Machine Tank Badges for our TW's

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    Billet Machine Tank Badges for our TW's

    Hello riders

    I've been wondering if a billet machines tank badge for the sides of our tanks like Harley and others offer
    would be a neat thing to have available and if anyone would be interested in them once I got some made?

    I'll begin working on this in October and show photos and pricing.

    Any ideas on what you'd like for the badge?

    Ken Cooley
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    I might have been if you hadn't said "like harley"

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    If you have the means to do so then do it!! Just find a way to affix them to a plastic tank then send a set to TWilight to test. If He gives it a thumbs up then your set for life!
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    Just need the right adhesive.
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    You mean like this?
    How would it attach to our tank?

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    How would it attach to our tank?[/QUOTE]

    use heavy duty(gray or black) double sided tape. 3M and others sell them in rolls of various sizes.

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    what renny10 said

    3M makes an excellent double-sided, low-profile foam tape called VHB (very high bondage). It's absurdly strong, adheres to virtually any surface, suitable for wet/dirty environments, and actually strengthens over time. I worked as an installer for a sign shop my last couple years of high school, VHB was our go-to for anything we couldn't use hardware for.
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    Aw heck, Put a ribbon on it and TWilight can wear it around his neck like an Olympic medal.
    Me and my white mule

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    I'm looking to cut useless weight from my TW, not add more to it.


    (Sorry If I Pissed In Anyone's Wheaties)

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    Yes, definitely part of my maintenance tool box inventory. Just like yourself, I use it for hanging signs and other various items. Very strong and at the same time, takes some patience to remove with a thin sharp flexible scraper. I think this is the same stuff they use to attach rear spoilers, body panels. we get these in 4-5" diameter rolls. But, they are readily available at all hardware stores( red vinyl strip/ gray tape)

    I would be game to get a pair, depending on what it looks like! (1 for my wife's 2013 and 1 for my not yet have TW ) .... ha! ha!
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