Thinking about buying new
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Thread: Thinking about buying new

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    Thinking about buying new

    I've been looking for a used TW200 for a while now, but they are practically non-existent in my area. So, I'm considering buying new. I didn't want to pay the price for a new one, but I think I found a fairly good deal. My "local" dealer (100 miles away) gave me a price of $4340 out the door for a new 2015 model. I've been saving up, so the price isn't an issue. However, this will be my first bike, and I don't want to spend too much. Do you all think this is a good deal, or should I keep looking?

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    Welcome to the forum!

    that price would be in the fair range for high sales tax west coast states like Cali and Washington but you might want to share your location so people local to you can comment

    In Oregon I know dealers selling new for $3600

    Watch this forum because there are some incredible deals (including right now!!!) on late model "no-miler" TW's that will save you $1000 give or take a few bucks

    Buying new tosses about $1000 to the wind in my opinion and after your first week of riding your bike will be exactly like the used low mile TW's on the 2nd hand market

    The argument I often hear is that buying new gives you the warranty but this is possibly the most reliable and indestructible bike ever made so the warranty is not needed
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    Hello and welcome! As PL said above, check the classifieds, where are you located?

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    I bought two TW new for nine thousand dollars. Included extended warranty, tax, fees etc. I suppose that when I walk into the Yamaha shop and they all yell "easy money" it's not a compliment. We purchased our bikes before I new anything of this forum. My loss. If I were to buy again I would buy used with some mods already in place, this is where you will get value. Dirts a Flyen

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    Last spring new leftovers at he dealer were selling for $800-1000 off MSRP
    Right now almost new used are selling all over for $3000-3300
    Don't pay more than $4000 OTD! Where are you located?
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    I was forced to buy new as my location only had used 100s of miles away in all directions. Plus the fact that a lot of the time driving that distance just to see it would turn out to be not exactly what was pictured. Finally bit the bullet and bought new with the idea that even new was pretty damn cheap too.

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    I personally drove 250kms to get my used low mile 2010 bike. But in my case it was a trade deal for my slightly older higher mileage DR650 that I had.

    Still in my mind since I have a pickup. Driving a few hundred KMs for the right deal is not an issue.
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    I'm kind of in the same boat. Finding used in my area has been tough. The local dealer has a new 2010 but they want 4000 for it.

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    One thing worth considering is the time involved. Is it worth hunting around for 6 months to save a few hundred dollars? I think there is a case to be made for paying a little more and spending the next few months riding instead of shopping.
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    Thanks for the input.

    Don, I agree. Time is a big issue for me. Like most people, my work keeps me very busy. I don't have any problem driving to save some money, but I don't want to waste my time running around looking at bikes 3 to 4 hours away. Also, the handful of newer used bikes that I did find within 3 or 4 hours are still priced around $3000 to $4000.

    I'm in North Central MS. Out of about 9 dealers within 100 to 150 miles only 2 of them even have a TW200 in stock. The other dealer who has one quoted me right at $5200 for a new 2015. Another dealer quiet a bit further away quoted me $4800 but will have to find one and said it may be a month before they get it. I've been comparing new prices online too, but those aren't always the actual prices. So, just wanted to be sure $4340 was as good of a deal as it sounds. I'm going to go look at it tomorrow.

    Thanks again for the input. This forum is great. I've already learned a lot about the TW200 from you all, and it has helped me to make my decision to buy one.
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