New owner of a 1987 TDUB ! :)
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Thread: New owner of a 1987 TDUB ! :)

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    New owner of a 1987 TDUB ! :)

    Hello all, and thank you for this forum, I just picked up a 1987 TDUB that was lightly wrecked. Through the help of this forum and some internet searches I have gotten it road worthy again. The primary reason I got the TW was in response to the ever growing clamp down on pit bikes at the tracks I attend for motorcycle racing. I knew if I got a dual sport, I could tell them go pound sand, but I wanted something close to pitbike size. The current prices on CT70's are I started looking elsewhere. Low an behold a simple scan of Craigslist turned up an '87 that had been light crashed......busted headlight, support, turn signals, speedo, and no fairing and some electrical issues. Two weeks later (after nights of tinkering, smoking cigars, and many beers) I have a wonderfully running and street legal bike. Thanks to the contributors on this's made all the difference.

    No pics yet, but it wont be long. Mind you I tried to do this on the there is JB weld on the crankcase covers, the fairing is gone, and the headlight is round. But for a total of $673.00, I think it's the most beautiful bike I own! Not sure if anyone tracks age or mileage stats, here's mine: last of VIN: 155 mileage: 32856

    Thanks all.

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    Welcome to the forum and great first post. Pictures when you can. We are not at all judgmental here...........except maybe one west coast panda with a static problem That bike has been around the block a time or two. Glad to hear it has a new owner that will put it to good use!

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    Welcome to the forum!

    At least let us know if you got a red one or a blue one !

    Here's a thread dedicated to the 1987's. . . . .
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    Thanks Tom.

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    Not sure Brian....the previous owner had the plastics Hydro-dipped a woodland camo and the frame was sprayed a black crinkle finish. Thanks for the link to the old timers!
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    I have two '87s and love them both. 22K and 32K miles on them.
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    Welcome to the forum!! I love my 87 too!!
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    Hello and welcome!

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